♥ Must-Read


The story behind my vanity
My makeup must have

The perfect eyebrows

Important tools in makeup

How to keep acne at bay

14 days face diet
10 rules of makeup
We are born yellow, so why whiten?
Care for your perms
30 Makeup Tips
My Makeup Must Have
Facial Mists
Can I skip the use of toner?
Ask Vivi: What regime did you use to get rid of your pimples?
Understandingyour skin condition
Irritating back acne problems
For the back acne problem (Product Review)
Nail it
How many bags do you have?
What do you snack on?
Soft Natural Look
Are you against plastic surgeries?
Which blusher am I using?
Skincare ingredients
Fighting the acne
Which is my perfect eyeliner?
How to get rid of your prominent jaw line


She wears the pants
I love my new frames
I’m falling in love with Florals
My shopaholic diary
A burst of colours
Top 10 favourite picks of the year 2010
My dress up days
My ideal working attire
Top 10 fashion picks of the year 2009
Winter fun
My 21st party best dressed
I am an air stewardess
Greek Goddess
SBA award 2011 (Shanghai Dolly Look)


The start of this blog
Who am I?
15 interesting facts about me
My 20th birthday
My 20th birthday part 2
My 20th birthday part 3
My 21st part 1
My 21st Birthday Celebration Thank You
My 22 birthday
Goodbye 2009
My fruitful 2010
Happy 2011
How I’ve changed gradually
Don’t fear
Show your sincerity when working with the media

My deepest emotions
Aren’t you glad honey
Taking a trip down memory lane (with Prawn)
Prawn’s book in day
The person who meant the world to you
The 2nd Year
The 2nd Year Part 2
The 3rd Year
The 4th Year
My bf turns 20
My bf turns 21 finally
My bf turns 22
V day celebration 2009
V day celebration 2010
V day celebration 2011
My actual Xmas 2010
Xmas 2011

How to be a better friend
To a friend
Taking a trip down memory lane (Poly China Study Trip Clique)
Taking a trip down memory lane 3 (With Ling)
Taking a trip down memory lane 4 (With Michelle)
朋友 (Uni Clique)
My Xmas 2010 (with uni clique)
My Xmas 2010 (With GFs)
A sister who is closer than a best friend

Cameron Highland Part 1
Cameron Highland Part 2
Cameron Highland Part 3
Day 1 Taipei
Day 2 Hua Lien
Day 3 Tai Dong
Day 4&5 Kaoh Siung
Day 6 Back To Taipei
Day 7&8 Taipei & Dan Shui
My Batam Trip
Staycation part 1
Staycation part 2 (USS)
Staycation part 3 (USS)

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