So the 10 finalists of OMY BEST ADONIS BEAUTY BLOG went down to NEX Adonis for a THANK YOU party! And the theme was GREEK GODDESS! . . Why GREEK GODDESS? Because Adonis is named after GREEK GOD of YOUTH, BEAUTY and VANITY. (pic from Google) This is GREEK GOD. They are either naked or […]

The whole competition has come to an end. It was such a rewarding experience; from meeting all 10 finalists and doing health test at Vivo City Adonis Outlet to having 3 customized treatments for our face and body at Lucky Plaza Adonis Outlet and to yesterday’s themed Thank You party held at Nex Adonis Outlet […]

I just had A.D Facial (Adonis Facial) one week before I started work!! I love facials, especially one without extractions. No pain, no redness, just smooth and clear skin! What’s not to love about? . . . So the usual began! Always start the session with a nice warm tea and a clean hot towel […]

Ohayo girls, time to update my Adonis Beauty Diary. :D So I went for my second treatment which was for the body called the Chakra Mystry. It is a full body + face massage using 7 different Chakra Pure Essential Oil to relieve tension and make one feel relaxed, calm and at ease. I really […]

     At the age of 18, I started taking good care of my skin diligently, making sure that I don’t skip any of the steps before going to bed. At the age of 20, I signed up for a facial package with the hope to improve my skin condition. At that point of time, my […]

Hello girlies, update you again on my ADONIS journey!! Today I shall be introducing you some of the products from Adonis!! Yes, Adonis not only provide facials but they also have a range of products from supplements to skin care to suit everyone’s need! #First world problem which people face nowadays is Due to environmental […]

Very honored and elated to be one of the top 10 finalists for the OMY Adonis Best Beauty Blog Awards 2011.  I’ve been participating for years (with old blog) back then when there’s no beauty blog category but didn’t have the luck to get through. To be honest, I almost wanted to give up participating […]