What is your makeup essential? Which item would you pick if you can only leave the house with one item? Many girls I know would almost never leave the house without an eyeliner. An eyeliner when drawn correctly can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. My makeup essential used to be an eyeliner too, […]

So I was given Maybelline’s BB cream the other day when i attended their focus group. Both are Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Mineral BB cream; the first tube is the older packaging while the second tube is the newer packaging. I like the newer packaging as the green is more refreshing and looks cleaner. Isn’t it? […]

I’ve always been using blusher with orange-red tone, not until recently I fell in love with pinkish pinkish blusher! I was passing by Guardian today and bought home Maybelline’s Angelfit brighten up blush in the colour Watermelon! (Which is close to light pink.) The picture on the left shows how the colour looks like on […]