Today I woke up with a swollen eye and decided to skip work.
I slept more than I usually would and would return to work tomorrow even though doctor gave me two days of rests. Now I’m pretty awake, so I decided to blog on my tablet. ^-^


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First post of the year! As the year begins, I get caught up with work, work and more work. It is like after such a long break, I suddenly have so much things to do. I am really so not used to it. Really need to get my engine running and start fast! I’m still […]

As you read this post, I am probably in Vietnam for a holiday trip already. And oh no, I do not have any more posts for you to read until I come back from my Holiday. Meanwhile, you can still check out my past posts if you haven’t done so. :D So last week was […]

Last week was an eventful week! Went to Gym again with my Gym buddy Joanne after such a long time of not exercising. Before I went on the track mile, I have very little hope of me running past 5 mins. But on the track mile, I kept telling myself that it is MIND OVER […]

I sometimes marvelled at how beautiful Singapore can look. Many times we don’t appreciate what we have here but truth to be told, many tourists do feel that Singapore is truly beautiful, regardless whether it is man-made or not. Second time venturing into Gardens by the bay, this time round without the rain and the moon. Click here to read my first trip.

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Sometimes it’s not exactly about the food (though it matters), but about the pretty ambiance that you are in and that special joy that you share with love ones. And as I’m typing this post, I suddenly feel like I have such a happening life! :p KTV session at Teo Heng with Flowers. We have […]

I enjoy going out on the weekends to get away from home and work.
Occasionally I like being a homely girl, but more often than not, getting away from home is just a relaxing thing for me.
I can get more lethargic staying at home. And maybe I’m just lucky to have a boyfriend who can go cafe hopping or shopping trips with me. I do know of couples who just stay home all day and never get bored and I wonder how did they do that! haha!
For me, I need to spend lots of quality time with the partner to feel love!

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Sometimes food does wonder. Pretty food are not only good to look at but delicious to eat and it eases your worries for that little moment when you eat. Well…at least for me, I don’t eat while I work. This little cafe Wimblylu  isn’t the most convenient place to go to but that’s the whole […]

Kindle Surprise! ^-^ That’s my birthday present cum anniversary present from Prawn this year. This makes reading on the go so much easier and lighter! Now I can read all the books I want without worrying about the storage space at home as well. First book on my Kindle: Eat, Pray, Love. It’s interesting to […]