“Putting makeup on is so difficult!”
But actually, what most girls mean is that removing makeup is so difficult!

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Today’s FOTD features a clean base look with minimal eye makeup and peachy orange lips.
I’m missing my makeup so much! lol!
I just have this strong urge to apply makeup and look beautiful after working so hard and looking so shag  for the past few days.

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Hey girlies! I’m missing this space so much!
Today I’m back with foundation reviews from Cyber Colours sponsored to me by Sasa.
It is the entire series from Cyber Colours HD Aura. Once again, I’m not going to review the entire line, just the ones which I thought you readers may be interested to know about. Here I have with me their Gel Foundation, Skin Finish Powder and below their powder foundation.

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When it comes to cosmetics, do you often get the high end ones or just look out for the drug store ones? Truth to be told, I love both the high end and also the drug store cosmetics. But I am also a believer that certain good quality products come with a hefty price tag. […]

Attended Sweet as Chocolate K Palette Event held at Bliss House with my sister. I am so excited because of food and also the fact that K Palette is MY FAVOURITE EYELINER and EYEBROW brand. No really, I’m always all raves about it.

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Hello girls!
I was at OMY’s Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony today with my Sister who were also one of the finalists!
It’s been such a great fun blogging under the category of the Panasonic Best Beauty Blog and Qoo10 Best Shopping Blog.
Unfortunately, all Panasonic items were on loan to me, meaning I’ll have to return them back after the awards. (Just in case you dono) Aww..I really like the Panasonic items especially the facial steamer!

Anw this year, OMY turned six, so the theme of the award ceremony was 60s! And the ceremony was held at Shanghai Dolly once again. Love the venue! :)

I didn’t buy any new clothings for the awards since I have plenty to choose from my wardrobe. (You know I love anything vintage. =p) HOWEVER, I did intend to try out a new makeup look to suit the theme. Afterall, having nice fresh makeup is always fun in a themed event.

After some research done, I decided to draw inspiration from Twiggy! Twiggy is one of the fashion icon back in the 60s, and her eye makeup is really pretty!

I noticed her eyemakeup focus alot on the crease and lashes. She has had full set of lashes, both upper and lower lashes. PS, do you know her lower lashes were drawn on? Also, her crease were made obvious using liner as well.

The real twiggy eye makeup is like this. BUT, I’m not that daring to go out with the crease drawn on, so I decided to do a subtle version using eyeshadow instead. :p

My version of Twiggy’s inspired makeup look! (Picture taken outdoor)
Sorry luh, cos I became the Kawaii version of Twiggy, instead of a really fashionable Twiggy.

Picture taken indoor.

My base makeup consists of L’oreal Magique Light Infusing Foundation and Enavose Loose Powder. I only have good things to say about the foundation, which you can read more here.

And Enavose Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF15 is something that I got to try out recently. AND I REALLY LOVE IT!

This powder is good for people who is looking for a cool dewy finish. (ME!!)

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Whether it’s your prom night, wedding dinner, functions, or graduation (happening really soon for the university students), there’s always the chance of having your picture taken. When it comes to picture day, what should you do in advance to prepare for it? Having soft, hydrated and bright skin is really important as our skin is […]

This is gonna be my last, but not least post for Qoo10!! Are you ready?! Since I’ve already got items from the beauty, mobile and lifestyle category. I decided to spend my last few credits on things I really love and want. Hehe. And they are Milcolla Collagen, Relvon Lip Crayon and a stamp with […]

I’m almost never seen with thick makeup. In my opinion, makeup is there to enhance your beauty, not to change your look. Yes, of course occasionally, makeup can change your look to suit themed parties. But on a daily basis, I prefer a clean and au naturel look. I straightened my locks using Panasonic Multi-Straightener […]

The girls around me are generally quite safe when it comes to cosmetic selection. Hardly anyone I know of knows how to apply eyeshadow and not to mention, coloured eyeliners. As for me, I really love playing with eyeshadow colours, but I know it is not something I would use everyday due to the lack […]