De-clutter and organize the workspace

Recently, I’ve a lot on my to-do list but my work space is so cluttered that I couldn’t find the motivation to work. So I took the time to de-clutter, re-organize and decorated my space. Well, at least my space is now pretty neat!

Hello my clean work space!
On my desk: A cable organizer to organize my cables, speakers for my laptop, muji acrylic pencil holder, terrarium, a vase, clock, my planner, water bottle and my laptop. I also put up some photographs on the wall.

Drawers are clean and neat too. I organize them using boxes which I’ve accumulated over the years.

Well, my desk now is more or less pretty neat and I now have ample space to work on. I’ve been making sure I keep eveything into where they belong to after working. Not too sure how neat it will remain to be, but I do hope for a  long time!
I’ve  also gotten quite a few storage from Muji to organize my office desk. Once the desk is done up, I will probably put up a picture! Quite excited on this organization project.

Love all these muji storage!

3CE eyebrow tattoo marker that last for a week

I place emphasis on brow makeup because brows frame the face and can make one person look fresh and put together. I don’t usually put much makeup on a day to day basis but eyebrows are something I will not forget to draw.

I wanted to try eyebrow embroidery but good ones are usually quite expensive and I’m not too sure if I want to spend that much money on that and besides I know quite a few who still draw their eyebrows despite doing embroidery (natural ones ie).

So I’ve read about 3CE long wear tattoo eyebrow marker that allows you to tint your eyebrow overnight and wake up with nicely drawn brows (after washing your face) that will last you for about a week. It is not in stores yet so I got it from Qoo10.

The first picture shows my brows that I’ve drawn at night before I go to bed with the tattoo marker while the second picture shows my brows the next day after washing my face.

I would say this marker really works! I really don’t have to fill in my brows in the morning which saves me a lot of time. The effect is similar to the brow tint that I always do at Benefit which also only lasted for about a week.

I love the result but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who do not have their brows trimmed or people who do not know how to draw their brows properly. These pictures were taken on my third try with the pen. Honestly, the first two times I kinda screw it up. I didn’t know how to draw my brows with a marker which resulted in lines that were not drawn smoothly enough. But on my third try, the brows were drawn well as I’ve figured out the best way to do it. The trick is to draw the outline first, and fill up the brow, blend with cotton bud. That way, the brows will not look too dark and you will be able to control it better.

But of course, easier said than done. You really need to practice a few times to get a hang of it. This tint lasted about 3 to 5 days before I feel the need to draw again. The good thing about this over embroidery is that if you dislike the shape of your brows, you can always change it after it faded. Hence, no permanent damage is done!




So if you have sparse but trimmed brows, knows how to draw your own brows but have limited time in the morning, I recommend you to try this out!

Nunsongyee Korean Bingsu

We all love to have some ice in a hot and humid summer country. J and I decided to try some Korean Bingsu from Nunsongyee. Nunsongyee means snowflakes and it is a 3 storey-tall cafe that opens 24/7!  We had sesame bingsu which cost us $18.90. Very expensive indeed.

wp-1463207624024.jpgWe were very lucky to get a seat. Soon after we were seated down there were many others waiting to get a seat. The bad thing was we were seated at third floor, J had to order at the first floor and climb the stairs up again while carrying the bingsu. Thankfully nothing spills. There was nobody to take care of the level 2 and 3 customers and I had no idea where the extra spoons were. Went down to first level, only to realise there were spoons on the 3rd level hidden at a corner.


Dessert wise, it was good but not exceptionally good for the price. I could have ordered 2 bowls of ice elsewhere. The ice itself has no flavour to it, you need to eat with the toppings for a great taste. It was smooth to taste. The peanut sesame and the red bean paste goes very well together.

But I probably wouldn’t go back too soon.


Sephora Black Card Sale

Who else wouldn’t be swayed to buy if it was on a 20% discount? I made a few purchases which consist of some needs and wants. My makeup remover has run out, hence I bought the Clinique take the day off cleansing milk to try. First impression: Creamy, smooth on the skin and take off my base makeup effectively. A slight stingy sensation near the eye area so I got to be very careful about it. I would probably go back to Covermark cleansing milk as that feels more luxurious than Clinique.

The butter nail lacquer is in the shade KIP, a dusty blue which I’ve always wanted to try. And Ciate underwear base coat to replace my old drying base coat. This has a pretty packaging!

Thought Bubbles: Help yourself to happiness

Everybody, everywhere seeks happiness, it’s true, but finding it and keeping it seem difficult to do.Difficult because we think that happiness is found only in the places where wealth and fame abound.And so we go on searching in palaces of pleasure. Seeking recognition and monetary treasure, unaware that happiness is just a state of mind. Within the reach of everyone who takes time to be kind.For in making others happy we will be happy, too. For the happiness you give away returns to shine on you.

Yes. Happiness is just a state of mind. If you choose to be happy, nobody can take it away from you. Forget those who cause you misery because it hurts to be them. Do not fret over things that have happened for what’s done cannot be undone. Rid yourself off negativity and start counting your blessings. Choose to be happy and start being happy.

This, I read to remind myself that I can choose to be happy. I hope you are happy.
I’ve started to write more and I’m back to reading. It’s been too long. For awhile, I forgot what makes me happy. And this, I say is what makes me happy.

46 - Copy

I fell in love with siesta

Today I fell in love with siesta. Last week was a tiring one, with 12 hours of work in the office and another 2 hours at home. I felt like a zombie, doing the usual routine work day after day, night after night. I knew my body couldn’t take it soon because I knock out in a min or 2 every night.

Today, I took a breather. Things were really busy in the day time but as soon as I knew nothing’s on in the afternoon, I packed my bag and left the office. I had a cup of ice-mocha and potato wedges in the nearest mall. I worked on my laptop, but it was only a quick one. I shopped around for awhile and I went home and took a siesta.

It was what my body really needs at the moment. I took things slow today and I put away my to-do list. I never felt that good in awhile.

Neglect your body and you will pay for it 
Ever wonder why you start falling sick when you are on a holiday? It’s because when you work so hard that you neglect your body, your body starts to be on a “rest” mode once the stress leaves your body.

Get your feet up, put on your running shoes and start running. It is not the process that’s fun but rather the end of the process that makes one feel super good.

Drink if you need to
I’m not trying to say that you need to start binge drinking. Drinking in moderation does relieve one’s mood and promotes better sleep. Get your favourite drink, chill and unwind with a few good friends.

Start listening to your body before it stops working for you.



The perfect work tote

I’ve been struggling with my work tote for quite awhile. On busy days, I’ve to bring 3 bags home, my personal tote, a recycled bag for files and documents and my laptop bag. Sometimes when I need to hit the gym, I still have to bring along a shoe bag.

When I saw Knomo bag, I am immediately drawn to the fact that their bags are made to hold laptops and other gadgets with their cushioned compartment. Knomo is from London and it means “knowledge” + “mobility”.The many compartments that the bag has to offer were also the top reason why I chose this as my working tote. The one that I bought is the Knomo Grosvenor and now I only need one bag, just one bag for all my things.

This bag is huge and spacious and able to fit 15inch laptop, my documents, pens, wallet, and lots of stuff. Should you lose your bag, there is also an unique ID that you can use to track your bag. I also love the bright red lining, the gold zippers and the nylon surface that is spray coated to be resistant to water and dust. The bag is pretty, of high quality and matches almost all kind of outfit! I reckon it could be a good travel tote to bring on the plane. I’m just glad to have discovered this bag from Zalora.


Scented lotions can be relaxing

At busy times like this, you just wish to find enjoyment in the daily things you do. I love scented lotions, anything that smells good makes me feel good. These two body lotions I got from Bath and Body Works smells amazing. The Japanese Cherry Blossom is an all time best seller while the Paris Amour has a light powdery scent which I love.

Both lotions contain shea and vitamin e which provide continuous moisturizing. Its’ light-weight texture makes it easily absorb into the skin as well. I also love the simple packaging and getting the lotion out of the bottle isn’t difficult at all.

These lotions have the ability to make me feel good, calm and relax after a tiring day at work. It is a simple form of enjoyment to me.



Tomato Cup Egg with Philips Air Fryer


Attempted Tomato Cup Egg using Philips Air Fryer. It’s a pretty simple dish. Paired with crackers, this dish is so delicious!

  1. Hollow the tomatoes and pour egg in. Choose a big tomato for this.
  2. Add black pepper and salt to season.
  3. Set the air fryer to 180 degree and roast it for about 10 mins or so, depends on how runny you want the egg to be.
  4. Sprinkle some parsley or other spices that you’ve got.

Now the dish is ready to be served! If you happen to try it, do let me know how it goes!