Tomato Cup Egg with Philips Air Fryer


Attempted Tomato Cup Egg using Philips Air Fryer. It’s a pretty simple dish. Paired with crackers, this dish is so delicious!

  1. Hollow the tomatoes and pour egg in. Choose a big tomato for this.
  2. Add black pepper and salt to season.
  3. Set the air fryer to 180 degree and roast it for about 10 mins or so, depends on how runny you want the egg to be.
  4. Sprinkle some parsley or other spices that you’ve got.

Now the dish is ready to be served! If you happen to try it, do let me know how it goes!

Unique hemline


I am obsessed with outfits that are simple yet unique at the same time. This grey blouse from Zara features a unique slanted hemline that is short in the front and longer at the back. I did however wore a pair of shorts underneath. The timberland boots add a touch of chicness to it. And yes I finally brought my boots out from the winter and into the summer days.

PS: Photos were taken near the art science museum.


9th year being together

Every year I take time to pen down my thoughts about our relationship. We are celebrating our 9th anniversary this year. I think I am not going to repeat what I wrote last year but just to say, he still does those things I’ve mentioned before till today. And for that, I’m really thankful to have him by my side.

A relationship is not based on feelings alone. It is by choice. It is by choice that we choose to stay with each other despite our flaws. It is by choice that we choose each other as our partner, our companion. It is by choice that we choose to stay committed to each other. As much as I would like the feeling of butterflies fluttering in my stomach to stay, you know it is pretty impossible for a 9 years relationship. Haha.

In fact, it is by choice that we continue to put in effort in our relationship. It is by choice that we choose not to walk away when communication break down. It is by choice that we choose to open up to each other, fix it and solve it.

So Prawn brought me to Boiler after my work (yeah. need to work on a sat) for dinner as our 9th anniversary and birthday dinner.

Picture taking while waiting for our food to come.
Luckily got apron as the whole meal was pretty messy. lol.

And here comes our beer!

wp-1459663784295.jpgHere’s my beerita. A cocktail with an upturned Corona beer.
Tasted really good! I love it so much!


Our food in bags are here!!

I think we are supposed to throw everything on the table but we didn’t.

A photo with our food before things get messy! Btw, beer goes really well with seafood.

Check out the lobster! It’s hugggeeeee and very tasty!!

And tasty mussels and prawns!

Falling in love is easy. Staying in a relationship isn’t. Thank you for for choosing me over and over again all these years!


This year I’ve not blog about anything related to beauty. I took time off from beauty blogging and rethink about my philosophy behind beauty blogging. Truth to be told, I was a little too caught up with presenting the newest and latest info about beauty that I kinda forget about the whys behind my beauty blogging.

So I’m picking myself up from there. Beauty blogging is still something which I enjoy.

Let’s start from the basic – Cleansing. Cleansing is very important in my daily routine. I’m quite picky so I will not settle for anything that dries my skin up or cannot perform its cleansing ability well.

Makeup Remover – Covermark treatment cleansing milk 
Anyone with combination skin who hates cleansing oil should seriously try out cleansing milk. It cleans and hydrate the skin, giving the skin a soft touch and bouncy feeling. I usually use about 4 to 5 pumps of the cleansing milk and massage it over dry skin.

Cleanser – Fancl Washing Powder II 

I was pretty upset when Fancl decides to withdraw from Singapore Market. This is one of my favourite cleanser that comes in powder form and foams up with drops of water. I managed to get it from Japan last year. It helps to remove keratin plugs and dirt without drying the skin. It is suitable for combination skin.

PS: I heard Fancl is coming back to Singapore! What a great news!

Exfoliation: Origins Nature’s Gentle dermabrasion 

This has a very sticky formula as it is made of rice starch. It exfoliates very well and the skin feels very soft and smooth after every use. I use it on wet skin as it can be slightly difficult to massage it on dry skin.

Clay Mask: Kiehls’s Pore Cleansing Masque and Philosophy Keep the Peace mask

Once a week, I would use clay mask for deep cleansing purpose. Kiehl’s Pore Cleansing Masque uses Amazonian White Clay to gently draw out oil, dirt and toxins that clog pores.
Philosophy Keep the Peace mask help to reduce redness and soothe sensitivity issue. As you can probably tell from the picture above, Kiehl’s mask is dry while Philosophy mask is slightly wet and it is also more hydrating.


An impromtu work-staycation

Sometimes all you need is to be a little spontaneous. I have a week’s break and endless work to do. The thought of it makes me die a little each time. It’s my break but I have to work, just not from my office. Hence I decided the night before to book a room for my work-staycation. Perhaps a change of environment would help me to focus and work more efficiently! So there I was, at Studio M, the first loft style hotel in Singapore.

I really love the design of the hotel.The stairway divides the space into working space and resting space. The work desk is long enough for me to work at and the bed is so comfortable with a tv right at the front.

I invited my sis to join me since she was on leave.So halfway through my work, I decided to take a breather and we started applying peel-off mask!😀

We went to Liang Court and get our starbucks and sushi for dinner.

When she left at night, prawn came to join me. We went for a swim and had buffet breakfast before I continued to finish up my work.

It was indeed a fruitful work-staycation. I was able to complete the task on my agenda.

I worked, ate, swam and rested. Looks like I should do this again if I am not travelling the next time. Sometimes you don’t have to think too much and just do it. My endless work is here to stay. If I can’t change the situation, I will just have to change my mindset.




Siok and Jo’s birthday

Celebrated Siok and Jo’s birthday celebration at Five and Dime. We have come to an age where gifts are no longer about its value as we can afford whatever we want to buy. It is the sincerity and the heart that matters. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the little surprise at the end of the meal!

The cafe was kinda noisy that they didn’t notice that I actually told the waiter to include candles on the cake and tart. Caught them by surprise when the waiter appears with a lighted cake especially Jo’s since it wasn’t her birthday technically.

The girls met up earlier to write a card for Siok and I especially drew this art for her on the envelope. They thought it was printed. lol. Gifted her a little birthday present as well.

Thereafter, caught a movie with Jo and Siok. Always a good time with them!



Thank you Siok Siok for being such a wonderful friend. Love every meetup with you where we talked about things in life that matter to us. Hope that in the year 2016, you will be the cheerful you and that we will have more time to spend together!

My Valentine is my First Love

My valentine is a practical man. He doesn’t buy me roses and he doesn’t draw me a card all the time. But he would do it occasionally if he has the time because he knows what makes me happy. I love flowers but not bouquet but I appreciate anything handmade or handwritten. He once sewed me a bunny doll which he claimed it to be the ugly miffy. He had also handwritten a card for me before and delivered a short “speech” on why he loves me upon my request. He often sings for me because I love his singing.

This year is the 9th year we are celebrating Valentine’s Day together. Every year we wanted things to be simpler but things got even simpler year by year. lol. He said he would cook a nice steak for me and then watch a movie together.

V day or not, he would still cook for me and I love it! He is very meticulous when he cooks. I took care of the chopping board and the washing while he took care of all the cooking.

We bought Angus Ribeye Steaks which cost much more than the other steaks but he wanted to pamper me on V day. ^-^

I love the steaks and I love the man who cooks it for me.

You see, this man always know how to capture me at my prettiest.

He also wouldn’t mind taking photos with me. Sometimes he would be the one who requested it!

V day is only a day of celebration but our relationship takes years to form a solid foundation. He can buy you the most expensive bouquet and treat you to the most romantic meal you can ever have, but money can’t buy love. As long as we are together and having fun, it is the greatest gift that you can ever give to me.

First Love

Before I fell
in love with words, 
with setting skies 
and singing birds, 
it was you I fell 
in love with first
— Lang Leav

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in Japan

I was really excited about going to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park. I read that we could see snow monkey roaming around and bathing in hot springs. There was nothing much to do in Yudanaka and this was our main itinerary in that stay. I was afraid that we couldn’t see the monkeys if the temperature was not cold and snowing. But it was! Two degree Celsius up here and very much snowing.

Had a small trek (~20 mins)  up the park. The floor was difficult to walk on as it was very slippery from the snow.

I did not have my down jacket with me so I piled up 4 layers of clothing.

These snow monkey were so cute! They were almost oblivious to the humans around them and continued with their activity. Please do not carry plastic bags around as they will snatch it away from you thinking that its food.

Keeping warm by the fire and helping each other to search for flea on their back.

Sitting by the hot spring.

And really bathing in it.

And a close up picture of the monkey and me. I was trying to get the monkey to look into my camera but I failed.

Although the park opens all year round, the best time to visit the monkey park is really during the winter season.

Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year is always a happy occasion. We get to dress up, eat snacks and catch up with our family and friends. This year is the first year of CNY without all our grandparents, no ang pao giving and exchanging of mandarin oranges as well. Getting a little tough choosing what to wear for the new year and it seems like I’m wearing things that I already would in my normal days except that now it’s new.

Settled for this grey romper on 初一。This is from Editor’s Market and it was the last piece on the rack. I always seem to have such luck.

Went to get gelish done and I was glad to still be able to secure an appointment even though it was pretty last min decision. I’m glad the manicurist managed to adhere to my fussy requests and did this beautiful nails up! They matches my grey outfit pretty well.

I also paired my outfit with this necklace from Louvisa. My haircut has been pretty easy to style and manage.

Me and Mommy!



Second day of CNY I wore this camel romper from MDS.

I love the front zip design, makes it easy for me in the washroom. I paired it with a simple pearl necklace from Louvisa as well.


I was wearing my black Aldo Heel which I usually wear it for work. The heels are gold in colour which I didn’t manage to capture it. I also carried this little red bag from Charles and Keith.

The lipstick which I used is this matte lipstick from L’oreal Paris Collection Star Fan Bing Bing .

Glad to still be able to keep in touch with my ex neighbours.

And the paternal side relatives!





I’m in love with basic pieces nowadays. This dress is from Editor’s Market and clutch from Japan. Necklace was a gift from a friend when I was 21. That’s like 6 years ago? And I’m definitely in love with short hair. They say those who cut their hair is about to change their life. That’s the feeling I get whenever I cut my hair.

Thanks Jo for this series of pretty pics.

Btw, this blog is also going back to the basic. I’m hoping to share my life, likes and dislikes as genuinely as before. 26 going on 27, 2016 should be a different year.