Going to finland! 

I am going to finland in a few more days. Words just can’t describe how excited I am! I mean this is definitely a tick in my bucket list.  

I’m just a little worried about the sub zero temperature. Girls just want to look good yet stay warm. Hopefully I won’t freeze over there. 

OMG can’t wait! 

Origins Christmas Set


Christmas is the time to stock up on some skincare products. I love origins products and have decided to purchase a line that I’ve not tried before. At S$98, these lovely products from the line Make A Different Plus + came in a box perfect for gifting. The set includes their full size rejuvenating serum, 50ml cleansing milk, 50ml treatment lotion and 30ml treatment (day time moisturizer).

My purchase also came with many huge size samples that is perfect for travelling. It includes 30ml origins cheek and balance frothy wash, 15 ml Make a Difference Plus + Rejuvenating treatment, 30ml Drink Up Intensive overnight mask, 5 ml Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum.

This is a value for money set. Time for more Christmas shopping!

Flirty Fall Essentials

Picture taken in Japan last December.

I live in Singapore with tropics weather everyday. However my favourite season is the fall season. I really love layering with scarfs and wearing fluffy outerwear. But living in Singapore only means living with short-sleeves and shorts most of the time.

Adore Me, a lingerie company has requested me to share with my readers some of my fall essentials. It took me quite awhile because it is really tough for me to pick something that speaks fall in my wardrobe.


I picked up the above items in the end. This fall I tend to go casual with jeans and darker hues. At the very least the temperature in Singapore now doesn’t go up too high and I can still enjoy wearing a pair of jeans. I have also discarded my cheery summer lingerie for this flirty lacy one. And although I can’t wear bulky sweater, I can always opt for fall related make up. I’ve really been enjoying using brown reddish hues on my lips recently and I cannot live without them.


I chose this handmade faux wooven leather bag as my fall essential. The wooven details really looks cosy and the dusty purple colour is something new in my range of bright cheery bags.

What are some of your flirty fall essentials?

First Oil Blotter Mist

I love mists and sprays. I kept a few at home and at my work place because they are the easiest thing to use to replenish my moisture without disturbance to my make up. Above are what I have on my vanity table: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup setting spray, Caudalie Grape Water and La Roche Posay Serozinc.

I love using All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray to set my make up and it helps my make up to last throughout the day. I use Caudalie Grape Water to soothe and hydrate the skin.

And finally, the wait is over. Serozinc from La Roche Posay  is the 1st oil blotter mist for oily and sensitive skin. I attended an event last wednesday to know more about Serozinc. Make up artist Roseanne Tang, celebrities Shine Koh and Aloysius Pang also shared about their oily skin concern. Dr Lynn Chiam shared how Serozinc could help them battle with oily skin concerns.

Serozinc contains Zinc, iconic thermal spring water and Sodium Chloride. It helps to regulate sebum, tightened pores and soothe acne inflammations. Its mattifying properties also make it a perfect makeup primer or setting mist.

In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, my skin produces a lot of sebum throughout the day. Combine sebum with sweat are acne outbreaks and clogged pores. I used to use oil blotting paper but it did not help to stop sebum production. In fact, the more I blot, the more sebum the skin produces. Acne and oily skin is not an issue faced by teenagers, even up till adulthood, more women are suffering from imperfections and breakouts.

Serozinc can replace our oil blotting paper. Just an easy spray, the skin will become matte due to Zinc. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to reduce the bacteria. Its Anti-androgenic activity also helps suppresses sebum production.


I first started using an oil-blotting spray from Ettusais in the office. It does help to mattify my skin, but it is a little stingy, not suitable for sensitive skin. Serozinc does not contain perfume alcohol, preservatives or other agents that might irritate the skin. A good product to be kept in the office drawers if you have oily and sensitive skin.

Exclusive Pre Launch with Lazada

Get Serozinc at a special introductory price of $9.90 (50ml) and $18.90 (150ml) from 21st Oct to 28 Oct on Lazada.

From 28th october, Serozinc will also be available at major pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian, Unity and selected hospotal pharmacies and Derma Center (Westgate)

Sephora Haul

Lately I’ve been spending quite a bit at Sephora and it doesn’t help that they have the Black Card Member discount. Everything is going at 20% off and that’s a little cray cray. Time to stock up on some beauty favourites.

These 4 items were bought during the black card sale.
[SKII Facial Treatment essence, Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Caudalie Grape Water Spray]

I did not review the SKII Facial Treatment essence before but it is a staple in my beauty regime. This is the third bottle till date. I really love the watery texture of this essence but hate the scent. I must say I’ve already gotten used to the scent.

I have the 7ml Estee Lauder ANR sample and I decide to purchase the 30ml instead. I like the fact that my face is always glowy and radiant in the morning after using this. Once you’ve tried it, you will know why this is a cult beauty favourite.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner is a new item in my list. Recently, my skin is not in a good state; there are some outbreak and redness. This contains Umbrian Clay that has a high mineral content that helps purify and clarify the complexion. It also helps clarify combination to oily skin with Cinnamon Bark and Burnet root. This also contains Lavender floral water to help tone and balance. As I look into the ingredient list, this also contains Salicylic Acid. Sounds like everything I wanted for my skin now. Let me know if you’d like a review on this item.

Caudalie Grape Water Spray is also a new item for me. I love the nozzle and I love the fact that you don’t have to pat the water in after spraying.

I did not purchase this Tartlette palatte In Bloom during the sale but this is so good! I’ve used this many times and it has been my to go palette. I really love the matte colours in this palette. The colours have a little red tone to it and this makes it really suitable for the fall winter season.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick


Girls, this is my first liquid lipstick and I strongly recommend you to try it! I’ve been wanting to get a matte reddish brown nude colour for a long time when I noticed Bourjois liquid lipstick in Watsons. Honestly, I am never a fan of Bourjois make up but this totally attracted me. I got this in 07 Nudeist. It is a beautiful pinky rose nudey shade that is just a shade or two darker than my original lip colour and so perfect for the autumn.


Matte lipstick checked.
Simple and beautiful packaging checked.
Beautiful colour checked.
Applies nicely on the lips without emphasizing the lip lines.
Long lasting.

I wore this for the entire day and my lips did not crack or peel. This lipstick does transfer but it is considered long lasting that still leaves an even stain after meals. A touch up after meal can last me for the rest of the day.

I noticed that this lip colour looks different on different people but nonetheless, it is still a big favourite among the bloggers and vloggers. Here’s how it looks like on my lips:


It is really flattering!
I’m definitely checking this out in other colours!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

I’ve missed this space! I’ve been wanting to update my blog with a few of my latest purchases but couldn’t find the time to do so. Today I’m back with another foundation review. I picked up It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC cream in Singapore’s sephora and it has now been my daily to go foundation. I even skipped my usual sunscreen since this has UVA/UVB protection of 50+.

I have to be really honest that I didn’t like this immediately. This CC cream does not have enough coverage and does not last in humid weather. I love the glow on the skin but really, it is not something an oily or combination skin would appreciate.

However, I find that I reach out for this more than my foundation since I tend to feel less guilty as this is a skin-loving product. It is also really hydrating on the skin, and there’s no cakiness even after a long day. I like applying it with a dense brush rather than my beauty blender as I find beauty blender soak up most of the product, resulting in even lesser coverage. A brush however gives decent coverage and appears less dewy on the skin.

I find that I need to set this with a powder since it may get slightly tacky. Using Urban Decay All Nighter (my new fav) also helped increase the longevity of this cream. I usually have this on my skin for 10 hours and there’s no oxidation observed.

I like that it comes in a travel friendly tube with a pump. I can pop this in my make up pouch easily without fearing that I would break the glass.


The downside is that it has limited shades. I was contemplating between Fair and Light. When swatching, I find that I’m somewhere in between but I settled for Fair nonetheless.

Have you tried It Cosmetics CC cream? Do you like it?

First impression: Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation


Bought the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation to replace my finishing cushion foundation. Each time I finish my cushion, I have the tendency to go back to foundation. Recently the weather has been really crazy; everyday’s temperature ranges from 32 degree to 34 degree Celsius. I need a long lasting foundation that last throughout the day.


This oil-free foundation claims to synchronize with your skin and enhances it beautifully. It is pretty runny and easily spread across the skin. It should last about 6 to 7 hours in our humid weather. I got this in the shade Golden 2.

On the left is my skin without foundation while on the right is after foundation. As you can probably tell, all my imperfections has been covered up without the use of concealer. The semi-matte finish doesn’t make my skin look oilier. I figured that I wouldn’t want to look dewy in this weather. Dewy makeup just doesn’t last!

Skin looks really good.

Somehow pores got accentuated once I add my highlighter. Shimmers always do that to my skin. But otherwise, foundation looks good!

I documented how I feel about the foundation throughout the day.

  • 10am: Just applied the foundation. Realised it has a high coverage which is obviously better coverage than my cushion. Skin feels and look satin-smooth.
  • 11pm: Sister commented that my skin looks like my skin but better.
  • 2.30pm: Slight shine on the nose area. All of the makeup is still intact.
  • 5.30pm: Some foundation came off at the nose area due to constant nose blowing. But the rest of the makeup is still intact. Blot twice with tissue and everything looks good again.
  • 7.30pm: Makeup looking really natural with shine on T-zone. After blotting, it looks perfect again.
  • 8.30pm: Do not see the need to reapply foundation.

After 10 hours, slight shine on T zone. Redness at the nose area.

Overall, I feel that this foundation does a pretty good job and it is indeed long lasting!
Today I applied my foundation with a beauty blender. I would try on with a brush next time and see how it looks.

Update: Sometimes my skin would get cakey after some time due to dryness. This is not suitable for dry skin but absolutely perfect for oily skin.

Les Miserables Musical


First musical with SW yesterday and it is Les Miserables! We got the ticket last year just so that we can catch this popular musical this year. I must say it was pretty good! The changing of scenes were so smooth that I often wondered how did they do it. And the stage effects were pretty real as well. The actors and actresses sang well too.

My fav song is I dreamed a dream. How depressingly beautiful is that song!

[Outfit: Black Spag Top from Bershka. Pink Midi Skirt from The Velvet Dolls. Pumps from Melissa. Bag from Japan. ]