Vanity don’t kill

Aww! I love Carmen Lau! She’s like the closest friend of mine who is into makeup as well! It’s good to have a girlfriend to shop makeup products with!
And so I spent my money on Inovi eyeshadow, lipstick and a pair of falsies! πŸ˜€
Really can’t wait to wear these new products of mine!

I totally heart my new honey colour lipstick: <333

Been looking for a natural shade since eons ago!Β  Am glad that I found it!

When Carmen starts working on April, it’ll just means that we’ll have lesser time to meet up.Β  😦
I hate it when both of my besties are going to be sooo busily working! They need to work on most weekends! *sigh.
I really do want to make an effort to meet up my girls. But it does seem a tad difficult.

Oh yes! For girls who often can’t curl your lashes, I have a tip for you!
Use a blow dryer on the curler so that the curler heats up. Curl your lashes and you will be surprised at how easy it is to curl your lashes!
Caution: Remember to feel the curler before curling as the curler may be too hot after heating up and may hurt your eyes.
Try it! It works for me!



And dinner with Carmen was absolutely great. We had the thin-crust pizza and soft-shell crab tempura pasta at Marina Square. The price was reasonable and the food was delicious!
Really really hope that we’ll have more of such good time spent together. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Vanity don’t kill

  1. Hi ~
    I used to heat my curler with a blow dryer and it was too cumbersome and did get too hot.
    I got the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curling system and it is the Best curler out there!
    This little base that sits on my table just heats the pad in the curler while I do other parts of my makeup and then tells me when it is ready.
    Curl lasts till the next day! Best thing I have found…
    Take care all
    P.S. they have a site and I got mine for 20% off.

  2. To Madison Hale,

    THank you for telling me that! But for now I wouldn’t mind spending a few sec to heat up my curler manually.

  3. Yah I also always heat up my curler using hair dryer xD
    It totally works for me and I’m a pro at it now…won’t hurt my eyes anymore..hehe.


    vivivi: HAHAH! yalor! after using hairdryer, the eyelash really can curl up!

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