Respect isn’t reciprocated.


Initially I had wanted to write a happy post about my new hairstyle.
But it was ALL RUINED!
I’m really NOT IN A GOOD MOOD.
I can’t bring myself to write cheery post but depressing words and upsetting emotions.

I can’t understand why all mums are so paranoid, and they never ever use words correctly.
Why the fuck must they shout all the time??! Like seriously??

Sometimes I just wish I was away from home, back to China RIGHT NOW!
You know the most irritating thing that could happen is to have NO PEACE at home.
What shouldn’t be said or asked should just be left unspoken. Isn’t it? Is there not even mutual respect?
What should be said or done was not even done. And then you blame us. And we blame you for blaming us. And then the karma continues…
O’ common, we are not lill babies anymore. Even kids whine okay!
Show us a little respect, and we’ll do so in return.

And that rascal old virgin who insulted me using many abusive words, thanks ar!
Thanks for  that little reminder that I’m actually brave and strong enough to overcome all your nasty words.
May you get a summon for speeding.
After today, I’m gonna throw it behind my head and MOVE ON.



And ya, my new hair.
My curls are still very tight which make me look like a doll for the time being.


2 thoughts on “Respect isn’t reciprocated.

  1. hey babe, u looked really nice in your new hairstyle ok? Really nice and it suits you! =) hehs.. No worries ok?


    vivivi: LOL. thanks! =D So long nv see u liao!

  2. hey yo. you permed your hair?
    looks cute! 😀
    oh man, we need some catching up soon.

    vivivi: Yes! I permed it! Yes!! we gotta meet up soon! well, prolly see u on a Sunday?

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