Stocking up

I think it’s about time I visit my favourite drugstore: WATSONS!
Seriously, they have almost everything I need – from hair to skincare to cosmetics. 🙂

– Tanaka white day&night cream
– Tanaka white perfecting lotion
Really love Tanaka white series; makes my skin fairer and glowy. What’s more? It does a good job of hydrating my skin without any oiliness. So yes, I’m sticking to it for the second time.

– Good cotton wools
I had enough of cotton wools that’s soo fragile and leaves little white wools on my face.

– Silkygirl’s loose powder
– Silkygirl’s new eyeshadow palatte
I’m not a fan of Silkygirl as I’m rather skeptical about cheaper brands like this. But sis has tried their loose powder and it was great on her; kept her skin shinefree and matte even after a long day! Somemore, it’s soo affordable! And and the thing about the eyeshadow is that it has many colours on one palatte. Good for ppl like me who don’t want to invest so much money on eyeshadows. Just one palatte and I will get all the different sort of browns I want.

-Goldwell leave-on treatment
-Goldwell treatment conditioner
-Sculpting lotion
But nope, nt frm watsons. Gonna get it frm my hairstylist when I see her tml for a fringe cut as well as to see if I need any other form of trimming! 😀


2 thoughts on “Stocking up

  1. I think you spelt wrongly the first Watsons to Waston. :X

    and Im also using tanaka white. 😀

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