Lips, teeth and smile

My C drive is running out of space!!! While trying to clear some space, I found these random pictures!

randomsI’m using different lipstick/gloss colours in the first and second picture!
Lip colours can definitely change the whole look!

I saw it somewhere that says a good smile reveals 8 teeth! Like so difficult!! My teeth are all of different sizes!
Damm I hate my teeth! But I don’t think I ever will have the courage to wear braces. I think the dentist will just pluck out all my small teeth so that the rest of them are more or less of an equal size.

And I don’t think I can afford to put on weight. When I am 42kg, my face is FAT&CHUBBY and when I smile like the first picture, the face bloats! But when I am 39kg, my face is slimmer and I have a sharper chin even when I smile! Why all the fats goes to my face?!  Go and source the picture from my twitter yourself. =x

On the other hand, I still love food.
I’m going for a hearty meal tml I hope.


4 thoughts on “Lips, teeth and smile

  1. haha..How can it be possible to reveal 8 teeth? I think it depends on the size of your mouth and teeth also:P

    Yes..slim faces really makes one look nicer:)

    1. LOL! My sister tried to force a smile with 8 teeth, looks damm weird. HAHA. Which is also probably why it is called the perfect smile?

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