Maybelline’s Angelfit Brighten Up Blusher

P7300755 I’ve always been using blusher with orange-red tone, not until recently I fell in love with pinkish pinkish blusher!

I was passing by Guardian today and bought home Maybelline’s Angelfit brighten up blush in the colour Watermelon! (Which is close to light pink.) The picture on the left shows how the colour looks like on my cheek. Not too sure if you can see it clearly though.

But anw, I like how soft and natural the colour looks on my cheek! Good for everyday use. The colour is very pigmentated and has a relatively long lasting effect.

One thing bad about this blusher is the brush provided. Seriously, the hairs of the brush is too coarse and harsh for our delicate skin!

I think Silky Girl’s brush can do much much better!

And the texture of the blusher is quite powdery, something which I’m not really fond of too.

Oh! Since I’m at it, just a word of advice: (I read it somewhere)

I feel that this colour is only suitable for fairer ladies as it’s rather light. If you are slightly darker, you might look like you are having 2 patches of white. Peach or orange tone of blusher suits girls with dark/tan complexion.
Some other type of darker pink tones might suit darker people than fair people.

All in all, dark shade of blushers look good on tan complexion but harsh on fair complexion and vice versa. 🙂
If you are unsure about which shade of blusher to choose from, test it! 🙂

maybelline blusher
I love pinkish pinkish healthy healthy glow!


2 thoughts on “Maybelline’s Angelfit Brighten Up Blusher

  1. i love blushers! they give such a rosy glow and makes a huge difference especially after lack of sleep!

    i just got over my orangy blusher phase, looking for a cool pink tone one now~ heard that the brand mellish is good~

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