Deep Burgundy colour on my perm hair?

Will I look good in dark coloured perm?

dark coloured perm

I’m always very skeptical about how dark colours look like on permed hair because not everybody is suitable for this and if it’s not done properly, you may end up looking really old!

I’m thinking of giving my hair a deep burgundy dye, which looks totally black indoor but a little shine of purple outdoor. But without colours, won’t my curls look extra boring?

I cannot take my current 2 tone hair colour anymore. I look like I had on some curly hair extensions whenever I tie up my hair. And because it’s CURLY CURLY, it looks even more like hair extension. Like how little girls love to put on brown curly extensions on their head. I really really need to fix that mop of hair sooner or later.

My sister always talked to me like this:  Hello doll doll! Your hair is FAKE.
Argh! My hair’s not fake! It’s just that my black roots are so obvious now!

Dark hair is awesome! It’s less messy, looks healthier and easier to manage since my natural roots are black. And deep burgundy is an interesting twist to very black hair.

Should I take a risk and go deep burgundy or just stick with brown hair (probably red brown) ?

It’s always sooo troublesome to decide on a new hair colour! I really need some good advice!


13 thoughts on “Deep Burgundy colour on my perm hair?

  1. Maybe u should go for brighter colours, since schooling life is when u get to experiment n be havoc 😛 Hehe.

    I like my timetable!
    How’s yours?

    1. Really?! Brighter colours?? But black roots are so disgusting! My timetable is cocked up! They haven’t registered my modules!!

    1. LOL! But your hair looks pretty nice! I used to have long short hair too. Probably try nt to cut too much layers in the future?

  2. you should do dark on top and a light color on bottom. like chunks of light color. maybe a caramel if you’re going to stay brown or a strawberry blonde if you’re going with burgendy or black. you can’t tell your roots look horrid when it’s grown out some unless it’s up. plus the healthy hair that’s not so treated stays on top. i’ve done it a few times & it’s always turned out really good. happy dying! lol.

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