Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets Handy Pack

Do you know that you have to remove your makeup before hitting the gym, beach or the pool to prevent clog pores?

Do you know that if you remove your makeup first before reapplying your foundation, you won’t look like a piece of cake, piling on your makeup?

Do you know that you can save so much time at home removing makeup if you can remove your makeup while cabbing home?

I really have to put two thumbs up for Biore series of makeup removers. They are the most affordable makeup removers in the market that really removes makeup thoroughly without any residues. And they don’t leave my skin tight after washing!!

I have been using Biore gel makeup remover from god knows when and it’s so convenient, hassle free and affordable that I have never once wanted to change. It’s so gentle that I use it to remove my eyemakeup too! I’d put a little of the gel onto a piece of cotton wool, and swiping the eye makeup away. It really works wonder!

And just recently I’ve got myself the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets Handy Pack!!


I’ve always love remover wipes but they always come in big packet that it’s not convenient to bring out at all. But this handy pack only contains 10 sheets and it’s very small, light-weight and easy to carry around! I just chuck it into my mini makeup pouch.
I use it whenever I have to re-apply my makeup during the mid-day or just need it to refresh myself.
Use it anytime, anywhere; be it the gyms, chalet or traveling oversea!
It can even remove stubborn eye makeup!

Really a good and affordable buy that I just can’t help but to share with you girls!


One thought on “Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets Handy Pack

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