A nose that runs

My nose is running the whole afternoon!!!
Cannot stand it cos I kept sneezing and sneezing non-stop!!
Had an impromptu meetup with Joanne and I’m so afraid that I might die of running nose; so I brought along 5 packet of tissues there!!!! HAHAHA. Luckily, my flu subsided after popping 2 flu panadols.

I hate it when my nose tries to run away from me.

Ah. Okay. I did try to smile for one picture. HAHA.
I’m a little tired and sick. Guess I’m going to sleep soon.


What do you do when you miss a person?
I’ll try to focus on something else instead. But at the end of the day, that something you are focusing on will end and you’ll be back to missing that person.
Every night I could have got onto bed earlier, but I stayed up just to make sure everything’s fine and safe.
It kills when you miss a person too much.

Will anyone out there think of me too? Do I have that bit of anyone’s time ?


4 thoughts on “A nose that runs

    1. HAHAHAHA! I think maybe it does help a weeee bit? But effect not really that obvious. (or maybe I’m not very consistent in using too)
      LOL. I still use it whenever I remember though…

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