Hair issues

I’m fickle-minded! I’m having second thoughts about rebonding my hair for the 1000th times.
You know I see people curling their hair with the tongs daily just to get that kawaii katou miliyah inspired hair and that’s when I’m glad that I have nice curls.
So what would happen when my hair is soft silky straight??!

Here are some hairstyles that I’m currently in love with:

katou miliyah


Jocie Guo

Curlier version

Hebe’s new hairstyle

All their hair has something in common; very thick and ranges from either wavy to curly. I like Jocie Guo’s hair the most. So should I do soft rebonding or body wave perm??
And one thing for sure, my hair’s definitely too long for this kind of style! I would cut about 2 or 3 inch off. My fringe needs to be cut too!

Maybe I should find some time to discuss it with my hairdresser too!


8 thoughts on “Hair issues

    1. which was what I’m thinking. I can buy cute rollers to roll my hair and sleep if I want some waves or curls!

  1. don’t rebond!!!! you will regret it!!! because once you rebond you can’t stop because of the ugly wavy roots! like half your head is wavy and the other half is dead straight. and it’s very damaging for the hair too.. soft rebonding is no better than normal rebonding..

    and i also think your curly hair suits you just nice too!

    1. Haha! Thanks alot for the advice. But curly hair when it is dying off is no better too. lol. My hair I think like grass already.

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