Thought Bubbles: What do you fear?

Other than basketballs/volleyballs and all the other kind of heavy balls that simply hurts when they landed on your head ….

I have a fear for weird strangers/stalkers.
Most close friends know the really awful encounters I had with strangers (not just 1 or 2, but a few) which leaves a really deep and serious impact on me ever since.

I’m probably not that sociable because I guard against every new people I meet. I always have this speech bubble in my head whenever I meet new people that goes like this:
Could this person has an ulterior motive by becoming friends with me?

When this fear started in the initial stage, I couldn’t step out of my house alone. I needed company. And my father would always bring me to the bus stop and wait for the bus that drives to school every morning. When I go home by myself, I would walk at a lightning speed and constantly turn my head around to check who’s behind me.

As time goes, I get less paranoid but would still have a protective layer over me when meeting people for the first time. I still walk in lightning speed when I’m alone and I would try my best to avoid going home in the middle of the night. Cos it’s scary. I was once followed by a stranger. And I tell you, IT’S SCARY. I wouldn’t know what this person would do to me if he managed to follow me home.

Now the thing is … why would people bother to stalk a person?

I think the most common thing that most people face is the fact that …

There is someone walking behind you ~

You know how sometimes that weird person lingers around you, watches you and observes you from afar and you wasn’t aware of it. The next minute you’ll see is, either he continues to stare at you or he’ll will come up and talk to you.

Both of which is pretty scary to me.

Do you get stares on the MRT/Bus?

I’m not trying to say that I get stares every time. But the fact is, I do get annoying stares occasionally. You see, I’m not a big beauty and neither do I have a great figure, so I dono what are they staring at but wadever the reason is,  it’s just undeniably plain uncomfortable especially when the stares are mostly from guys. And it’s really irritating when you can’t get away from the stares because both of you are on the same train, same journey!

Next …

Not sure about the others, but I do get lots of irritating fb mails from people who want to be “friends” with me. And these people are FACELESS; they don’t even have a proper display picture of themselves.

Do you know how some of their mail sounds like? Here’s one really FUNNY example:

Seriously, why would I want to know about your love history?! And the way he expresses himself in the mail is totally CMI. TOTALLY.

But the worse thing has got to be

Getting your numbers from underhand means

I have once received calls from a friend of friend of friend’s. =.=
Complicated huh?
And the thing is I do not even know the existence of this person in the first place. He called me and wanted to be friends with me after viewing my friendster. And it’s really scary because he called not once, not twice but more than that. I was even more afraid that he might come up to my doorstep the next moment.

Last year, I get sms-es from one unknown person. And it’s quite obvious that he got my number because I helped him to do a survey the other time. He would sms me to “chat” with me even though I always give really nonchalant replies until a pt that I got really sick and stop replying this idiot.

AND JUST NOW, another weird person sms-ed me to wish me happy labour day and good luck for my exams. Again, this is another unknown contact.
Now, which weirdo wishes people happy labour day??

Seriously, will all these people stop stalking?
It’s really getting on my nerves that I’m constantly having weird/strange encounters with these strangers.

Doesn’t help curb my phobia for strangers at all because strangers still look rather strange, mysterious and weird to me!!!


6 thoughts on “Thought Bubbles: What do you fear?

  1. Ooo..your experience is freaky. The only freaky experience I remember having is when someone posted 今天我要嫁给你 on the tagboard of my current private blog.

  2. I also walk lightning speed all the times when I am alone, especially when its very dark I’ll walk at the speed of light! Scary people everywhereeeeee. Eeee. Creepy~

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