Why am I using it?


Today’s the first day of trying out the products, I’ll tell you all about it in a bit.
Meanwhile, I’ll be glad to let you know that for every I-love-bio-essence entry, I’ll include one myth about slimming and one special tip of the day.
(Not the usual kind like exercise more, eat less bullshits though they do help.)

In reality, most people, whether you are thin or fat have cellulite and fats at certain areas that just won’t go away! That’s why you always hear thin people saying “I’m so fat!” They are not exactly fat, but they are just not toned enough. And in fact, bio-essence have engaged many thin bloggers like me to take part in this challenge because they want to emphasize on the fact that size doesn’t matter, as long as you want to stay slim and be toned, you should use their products.

For my case, although I’m always the lightest among my cousins (weighing 39kg), I’m still looking chubby. I have fats at my tummy area, arms and thighs as I don’t really exercise and sitting down all day long further worsen these areas! Don’t mind telling you, I’ve tried using cellulite products before but none actually gives me a toner body. So, does Bio-Essence help me in anyway?

I was told to pair InchLoss Shower Scrub with InchLoss Body Cream or Cellulite Treatment. So for today, I’m using the first combination.

InchLoss Shower Scrub:

How does it feels when applying:
I like the fruity fragrance of the product and the seeds are little and not very coarse which is very suitable for everyday use! My skin feels smoother after usage and my arms did look fairer!

InchLoss Body Cream:

How does it feels when applying:
It feels like a normal body cream when I first applied it and has a cooling sensation but after massaging it into my skin, I felt the burning sensation. I think I applied too much on my arms, hence my arms felt more of the sensation than the rest of my body. I can feel it work! Cool.

To prove whether it is working for me, I’m going to take measurements on my arms, thighs, and tummy on alternate days.

Here’s the measurements before(left) and after(right) the first usage:
Arms: 22.5cm, 22cm
Thighs: 41.5cm, 41.5cm
Tummy: 59.5cm, 59.3cm

Just from the first usage, I could see improvements on my arms and tummy! Of course, this is not a miracle scrub or cream and that is why I have to make sure I do it religiously everyday for best results! So do check back my blog for more updates and progress!

Don’t bother counting calories because it is so troublesome. Eat whatever you want but remember that you have to weigh yourself every week! I know there are many girls out there who doesn’t like to step on the weighing machine because they are afraid of the numbers they see. But running away from it isn’t the best solution, instead face it and you will always be reminded to eat less/work out more/use Bio-essence products religiously the next time lest you see unsightly numbers on the scale again next week!

Next update: Will let you girls know more about the last product; Cellulite Treatment.


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