Is your metabolism high?


It’s the third day of the challenge. (Forgot to tell you guys that this is a 14 days challenge.) Today I’m gonna include my test and trial for the last product – cellulite treatment, and also not forgetting about one myth and one special tip of the day. Check them out. 🙂
I will leave my toning progress in one single entry next time.
Just to let you know, I really think it’s working for me. The burning sensation last for few hours and my arms felt really firm after using!

I’m sure many girls out there have been on a diet before. Most of them tried to lose weight by just having only one meal a day. Not eating lunch will definitely reduce your calorie intake, but it also means that your metabolism rate will start to slow down, thus burning fewer calories than before. I remembered someone told me that if you want to lose weight, you have to eat enough.

This means that if you have a higher metabolism rate, chances are that it’ll be easier for you to lose weight.  (Check your  daily body energy requirement here)And this is where Celebrity’s Choice Cellulite Treatment comes in.

How does it feels like when applying:
IMO, the cream felt thicker than the body cream and it does provide a heat sensation as well, though not as much. It has a nice fragrance too! I find that skin feels smoother after applying too! If you want to apply 3 products together, gotta wait for a few hours after the body cream before applying the cellulite treatment.

Everyone knows drinking tea can help to clear the oil in the body. And it’s good to drink tea after an oily meal. So why 2 cups of tea? One cup is for you to drink and the other cup is for you to clear the oil off your oily food. This is esp so when you travel to countries like China where the food are really oily and salty! So if you find your veges oily, just soak them into the cup of tea for a few seconds before you eat them!

Next update: I’ll teach you girls on how to use the cream effectively!
I hope you enjoy my updates so far. I will try my best to answer any possible questions coming from you.


2 thoughts on “Is your metabolism high?

  1. Do you think it can help to reduce cellulite? I have more cellulite nw cuz I exercise n Ppl tell me when u lose weight will have more cellulite. Trying to look for effective reduce cellulite products:))

    1. yup!! There’s this cellulite treatment given to me as well. The body scrub and the body cream also can help reduce, but burn fats more I think. cos of the burning sensation.

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