How to use them effectively

It’s the fifth day of the challenge!
Today I’m gonna put up a tutorial on how to use the cream effectively, also not forgetting the usual slimming myth and tip of the day. Enjoy!

Drinking water by itself will not lead to weight loss. Of course, water is key to a healthy lifestyle and drinking enough has many benefits, but when people lose weight due to drinking water, it’s most likely because they’re substituting it for high-calorie juices and sodas. This is absolutely true. Friends who know me well know that I don’t usually order drinks during lunch (unless it’s a set lunch or I have a special craving that day) because it’s so much healthier drinking plain water. And I make sure I drink lots and lots of water every day.

But if you drink alot at the wrong time, it could lead to water retention in your body and the next day, you’ll find that you look bloated and fat.
Regular massaging can help blood circulation and to reduce water retention in your body. Massage your body with the Inchloss shower scrub and the Inchloss body cream can also help to burn fats. Amazing isn’t it? All you need is just 10 minutes everyday for a beautiful, slimmer you.

Here’s how you use them effectively:

From left to right; Inchloss Body Scrub, Inchloss Body Cream, Inchloss Cellulite Treatment

Use 3 products daily every night and if you have the time, use Body Scrub and Body Cream twice everyday for better result.

1. Apply Shower Scrub only at desired areas (arms, thighs and tummy) after your normal shampoo. Avoid your genital areas, breast and other sensitive areas as it may cause discomfort. Wipe away excess to avoid dripping.

2. Rinse away the scrub and wipe yourself clean. Apply Body Cream on only desired areas immediately after this as skin right after shower has better absorption for the next product. WASH YOUR HANDS ASAP after applying the cream or you’ll find the heat sensation lingering on your fingers. Do not touch your eyes because it may cause irritation.

3. Wait for about 2 to 3 hours before you apply the Cellulite Treatment. Also, apply only at desired areas.

Here’s how you massage the creams…

Do it in circular motion from your bottom arms to the upper arms until the cream is fully absorbed.  For tummy and thighs, do it with both hands in circular motion as well.
It’s quite easy!! So don’t think I need to show you all how to do in video.

Badly want to reduce your water retention problem?
Watch this episode of 女人我最大。

Next update: I’ve been taking my measurements on alternate days. So will update you girls on my toning progress!


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