Look at how much I’ve lost!

It’s exactly a week of using Bio-Essence’s inchloss products. I’m quite skeptical to how much these can do to me at first but after using them for at least a week, I can tell you girls that they really work!
I’m pretty amaze by the results so far. And I can’t wait to share with you girls how much I have lost! It’s like I always get very excited about measuring myself after using cos confirm got cm loss one! So later in the entry, I’m gonna tabulate my results so far!

To many girls, weight is everything. We think about weight, talk about weight and sometimes even lie about weight. But is weight the best measurement when it comes to slimming down? Just like me, I may weigh 39kg but it doesn’t mean that I am stick thin. Many people often goes AHH WAHHH OOOO when I tell them my weight, because the fact is I don’t really look like I’m super underweight! And I believe my weight is partly because of my small and light bones structure.

The scale shows your weight, but does it tell you how much of that weight is muscle and how much is fat? Or how much of that weight is water, bones or organs?

Girls, it is possible to lose inches, look slimmer and not lose weight! Slimming down doesn’t always means losing weight. It may sounds strange but it is possible when you lose body fats yet gain muscles. This is esp common for people who exercise.

For me, I experience inch loss without weighing less after using these products!
Supposedly, I should be able to lose 1 inch in 14 days, 1/2 inch in 7 days. So lets take a look at how much I’ve lost in 7 days.
Here’s my results:

*Measurements in cm
Taken 10cm from arm bend, 20 cm from knee bend and 2 fingers above belly button

Losing half a inch (1.25 cm) in 7 days isn’t impossible. See, skinny people like me also manage to lose half inch on arms and definitely more than half inch on my thighs. As for tummy, it’s almost there! The products are definitely taking its effect on me!
Now my arms, thighs and tummy are looking more firm than before and I can feel it myself!

Go by how your clothes fit. If they fit more loosely, you are on the right track. Alternatively, just get a measuring tape and record your inch loss!

Next update: I will do a Q&A entry. So if you have any questions, this is the best time to ask me!  Feel free to comment or if you are too shy, you can always e-mail me at vivian_aries@hotmail.com !


8 thoughts on “Look at how much I’ve lost!

  1. Hi hi. Can i know if you used all of the three products religiously to achieve the result?
    Can i used ONLY the body cream to achieve what i want? ;D
    Cause i dont think i have the time!

    Thank you!

  2. this thing, is crazy..i suppose its the fatter you are, the more you will burn. I’ve lost like 7.5cm within 2 hours..and its still burning..

  3. When you eat less than you “burn”, your body turns fats back into energy. But our bodies try to protect the fat, since it’ is supposed to be saved for lean times, so it can be difficult to loose fats. But keep at it, dedication will win. Just burn more than you eat… either exercise a lot more or exercise a little more and eat less.:

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