Your must-know facts

I’m seriously so tired today but I have to blog!
Sorry girls, no slimming tips today. 😦
Just a simple Q&A entry about the Inchloss products…

Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know here!

1. How much does the products cost?
Inchloss Shower Scrub – $12.90 200g
Inchloss Body Cream – $25.90 200g
Cellulte Treatment – $19.90 200g

2. Do you really use all 3 products religiously, twice a week?
Honestly, no. I use Shower Scrub and Body Cream most of the time. If I have enough time, I’d use all 3. Otherwise, I’m alternating products. But for best results, it’s advisable to use all 3.

3. What ingredients are there?
Bio Energy Fluid: Rich in mineral elements and trace mineral elements, promotes renewal of skin cells and refines body contours.

Bio Mineral Essence: Rich in proteins, amino acids, enzymes & various vitamins to provide effective nourishment to skin cells to burn excess fats and accelerate the firming process.

Capsicum: Stimulating ingredient that helps slim and refine body contours.

Ginger: Powerful antixoidant that removes free radicals for revitalizing skin cells while speeding up the firming process.

Ginseng: Well-known health tonic, enhances the renewal of skin cells and slows down the signs of fatigue and aging.

Bitter Orange: Natural thermogenic ingredient which speeds up the process to achieve a smooth & slender body.

Pineapple Essence: Highly effective agent in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

4. Can sensitive skins use them?
It’s common to have a little itchiness for most people when they first start using it. But strongly advise you to do a rough patch first before you using.

5. Are you really sure that they work?
I’m sure cos numbers don’t lie. But don’t expect to see a huge difference when you look at the mirror. It’s only 1 inch (not 1 kg) in 14 days. But feel it for yourself and see how much looser your tops or bottoms might be.

6. I do not have the time. Can I just use only 1 product? Which would you recommend?
Let’s not deny it, the more hardworking you are, the more visible the results would be. So let’s just say, 3 is better than 1. But if you really really do not have the time and can only use one product, I would recommend Body Cream.

7. Where can I buy them?
Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little and many other departmental stores.

Next update and probably the LAST update of my challenge, I’ll measure myself again to see how much I’ve lost!


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