Last day of the challenge!

At last, it’s the end of the 14 days challenge. I really didn’t think that I would be able to lose abit of flabs considering the fact that I don’t exercise. I know that’s bad, and I’ll try to see what I can do about it in the future. But for now, let’s get back to the final measurements!

Measurements in cm.
Taken 10 cm above arm bend, 20 cm above knee bend and 2 fingers above belly button

Honestly speaking, for the past one week after my last measurement, I didn’t really use the products everyday cos I became a little lazy. But I’m still surprised that there are still changes to the measurements even though I didn’t use it everyday.

I lost half inch on my arms, almost an inch on my thighs and improved by another half inch on my tummy since the last measurement.

I can really feel the difference myself cos those disgusting fats that never seem to go away disappear just because I used Bio-Essence Inchloss products. My arms, thighs and tummy are alot firmer than before! And now, I’m not so afraid to wear sleeveless and shorts because I appear slimmer and look better in photos.

Yesterday I watched a beauty programe where obese females undergo slimming process. They helped them apply scrubs and cream to aid their slimming process and burn their fats away. I’m like isn’t it the same if we have those creams ourselves and massage them everyday?

Now we can. Get Bio-essence Inchloss products and enjoy slimming everyday! 😀
I’m gonna continue using it after I come back from my TW trip!

Now I can say 我瘦了! LOL.


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