Lancome Lipstick

I just got myself a Lancome Labsolu Rouge lipstick in the colour 193 Coral Heritage with my $50 voucher from Taka Departmental Store that I’ve won in a lucky draw.
Count myself LUCKY! ^-^

This lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing, contains jojoba seed oil and it glides on very smoothly on my lips. Also, it has SPF 12 in it so it gives you that extra sun protection which is very important in lip care. (I only got to know until now that LIPS NEED SUN CARE PRODUCTS TOO!)

Here’s some pictures of how the lipstick colour look on my lips:
*Colour might differ from different individuals.

It’s my no eye makeup/no lenses day btw.

The colour is most true on the third picture.
It has an orange undertone which flatters my skintone. The SA also said my face looked brighter than using lipsticks with pink undertone.

It is very difficult to choose the shade of a lipstick just by the look of it. So I’d advise you to get the SA to help you test out the colours available and ask for opinions on which colour suits you most.

Lips are often neglected. We do everything for our skin and eyes but we forget that lips are very important too! Trust me, no guys want to kiss a lip that’s dry and peeling. So start exfoliating ur lips and treat ur lips to the goodness of lip balm.

The same goes to me, I need to start caring for it cos my lips are getting dry!!


4 thoughts on “Lancome Lipstick

    1. hahaha! Thank you girl! MUACK! Not that pink doesn’t look nice, i do have pink lippies too but orange colour flatters me even more. hehe. πŸ˜€

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