With a Pinch of Salt

Had a really nice day out with the SAG girls namely Ting, Ling and Jun. We travelled all the way to Tanjong Katong to explore good food and we were at ……

With a Pinch of Salt!

I’ve always wanted to visit this cafe and almost wanted to plan my birthday party here but unfortunately I did not have a chance to check out this place and the location wasn’t desirable for my friends and relatives who live mostly at the west area. So plan cancelled.

But fortunately I did not; though it was cute and all, but this place is seriously too small cosy to hold all of my guests.


And Hui Jun decided to have dress theme – Patriotic !!

This is candid. But that’s beside the point. The point is I’m so RED AND WHITE!
Patriotic much?! Hehe.

Seriously, this cafe is sooo cutee! I’m gonna dieeeeeee~!
Their workers are so cute too. One of them who was serving us kept telling us to try the soup cos he was the one who cooked it. LOL.

Coincidentally, Ting wore something similar to mine!
The fedora hat and the red and white stripe tank top.

She’s now the braces girl! I really admire people who have the courage to do braces, cos the process is like so hurting and you can’t eat alot of food! I don’t and will never have the courage to do it; so that’s why I have to continue to live with my ugly teeth.

Now, don’t keep staring at my teeth leh!!
My confidence level dropped ttvm when it comes to teeth.

Ling and Jun with their bright RED nails!

Ohhh….you got to check out Jun’s HOT RED LIPS! Very trendy.
In my opinion, she has a very nice pair of lips.

Another cam-whore shot …

Time to check out some of their food …

Dory Fish

I had medium rare serlion steak!


Vegetarian pizza?

Every time without fail,
all kind of food placed in front of me looks super big in portion.

My steak was not bad.
Overall, good service, great ambience and acceptable food.
I don’t mind stepping in again.

Proceeded to Bugis for some shopping thereafter and new bubble tea!
I had yakult green tea, something the taiwanese drink for slimming purposes!

It was a great day out with the girls.
I’m missing them already!


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