Garnier & Bio-Essence Eye Creams Reviews

If you want to be a true beauty, having great skin just isn’t enough. Caring for your eyes are just as important as our eyes can talk; they can communicate.

Look at this! My sister has the most beautiful Asian eyes ever!
Jealous much?

The skin around our eyes are delicate, and that is why we need a special moisturizer for our eyes area. The ones we normally use for our skin is too rich for the eye area and could irritate the eye or produce milla seeds.

Today, I’m going to give my reviews on the two eye creams I’ve tried so far;
namely Garnier Eye Roll-On and Bio-Essence 24K bio gold.

My problems are mainly
Fine Lines, Dark Eye Circles
and Puffiness

Not sure if you notice, but people with bigger eyes usually have bigger bags and darker eye circles. I wonder is it because the lids are heavier and therefore the bags are bigger and more shadow casted below the eyes causing the dark eye circles to look even darker.
But nonetheless, these are real problems of mine that need to be solved.

First up,

The Garnier Brightening Eye-Roll On

Price: Cheap! Less than $20
Usage: Just roll across your eyelid and under the eye for a few times.
Packaging: Easy to hold with my hands and small enough to bring it out.

This is how the tip looks like. It gives a cold sensation on the eye area when I roll this over with the tip.

It is very light-weight and easily absorb, so no milla seeds are formed.
(Forget about the green veins and hairs on my hands ok! I know I very hairy.)

Verdict: After using this for months, I don’t seem to get any effects! My dark eye circles are still dark and the fine lines around my eyes still exist. Maybe it is good for moisturizing around the eye area but definitely not in solving my eye related issues!

Will I purchase it again? NO.

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Dark Eye Circles Essence

Price: Expensive! Around $40 I guess. (Luckily I’m having it for free!)
Usage: Just pump it out and apply it with your ring finger. One pump is enough for one eyes. If you don’t want milla seeds, then don’t be greedy!
Packaging: Super chio just sitting on the shelves. Easy to pump the serum out. There’s a stopper, but the stopper is sooo tiny that I dropped and lost it.

Take a closer look…there are really GOLD FLAKES in it!

Yes. When you pump it out, you get tiny little gold flakes + alot of serum mixed together. Just massage and they will get absorbed into your skin. And this tiny amount is more than enough for one eyes! Don’t be greedy!!

Verdict: After 2 weeks of using, my dark eye circles have reduced and fine lines are starting to disappear too! No milla seeds are formed for me. If I don’t put on makeup, I don’t really need concealors! This did nothing to solve my eyebags though. But then again, this is dark eye circles essence, what do you expect? I have another one for eye bags but I will only use them after I finish this bottle!

Will I purchase it again? Maybe!

What about you? Have you tried any eye serum/creams that you think it’s good?
Please share!


8 thoughts on “Garnier & Bio-Essence Eye Creams Reviews

  1. I think only surgery can really remove eye bags…If not, how about facials that target only the eye areas?
    I’m using this brightening eye gel from cyber colours now..not too bad. But for me my concerns aint really eye bags, more like fine lines and brightening

  2. hii there~
    thanks 4 the review.
    i am thinking of buying bio essence anti-dark circle essense
    then, i would like to know anybody’s opinions.
    i could see that many people said that it really works~
    my friends also said so, hehe..thank God didn’t buy Garnier one
    tq again~ =)

  3. Hey gals, this Bio-essence dark-circle essence is selling for RM35 only now at Guardian’s clearance sale, Ampang Park branch, until 10th Jul 2011. Just take the LRT to Ampang Park station. I will get a bottle for myself too after reading these reviews.

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