Aqualabel – Unravel the Blogging Power

what’s the next big brand in Watsons?


A brand new skincare line from Shiseido.

Have you guess it correctly?

I’m participating in Aqualabel’s blogging contest along with Hui Jun!

Follow me through this journey as I bring you all the information you need to know about these products.
And I’ll tell you in a bit what’s so great about Aqualabel!

This is not gonna be easy but I’ll definitely try my best!
We have to go through different tedious stages in order to win.
We will be disqualified if we can’t pass through certain stages.
So if you see me stop blogging about it suddenly, you know what happen lah hor..
don’t need to ask. lol.

Lucky for me as I have a friend to go through all the stages with me. And lucky you, because you’ll get to know more about the next big brand; something you ought to try it for yourself!

We were told to bring along our favourite Aqualabel products to Ngee Ann City Watsons for an audition.

You see, to be a qualified blogger for this contest, you must be an Aqualabel user yourself. You must already be convinced of it’s Aqua Power yourself. Yes. I’m pleased to tell you, I am qualified! I’ll be the 白老鼠 first ok! hehe.

But out of so many products out there ….

Guess which is my favourite ?


It’s their Deep Clear Oil Cleansing.

I’ve never really like Cleansing Oil because the oil residue is so difficult to wash away and it gives me pimples. Therefore I’m always using gel or liquid remover.

This time round, I decided to give Aqualabel Cleansing Oil a try since my skin feels tight from the previous removers, and boy, I really love it!

A good makeup remover for me should

And I’m quite surprised that Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing was able to do all that!
Just 3 pumps and poof, all makeup gone, even my waterproof Majolica Mascara! I don’t buy a separate remover for my eyes because I’m always looking for good removers that can do all the jobs. Say Yes to hassle-free products! And Aqualabel could do it so well that I don’t have to tug my lashes so hard anymore!

Trust me! This is not an advertorial. I did tried it for at least 2 weeks as part of my 14 days skin care regime, and it didn’t give me any pimples! Goes to show that oil residue can be easily washed off, so you do not have to worry about clogged pores!

Also, unlike gel or liquid removers, it is easier to spread and smoothe cleansing oil all over the face. This cleansing oil gives off a very fragrance smell when I apply it on my face and I feel really good while removing my makeup! My skin feels soft and supple with no tight feeling at all after washing it off!

If you are somebody like me who is very skeptical about using cleansing oil, yet wants a really good cleanser that can do all the job, do not be afraid to give this a try. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. πŸ™‚

Okay, and because of this product, it got me so interested to try out the other products in this range … but I’ll leave it to the other posts if I have the chance .. so stay tune readers!


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