My virgin dinner at Din Tai Fung

Went out with Ling and Frank yesterday for a meal at Din Tai Fung. I’ve always heard people talking about Din Tai Fung but never have the chance to do so at all. So I shall give my verdict base on my virgin visit!

The queue at Wisma’s outlet wasn’t very long at 5. But then again, the whole restaurant was packed!!! So either you call and book or you just have to come early!

Actually all the dishes we ordered taste really good!
I love Chinese Food! Don’t mind coming in again!!! 🙂
But then again, I wish the selection can be more; too little to choose from IMO.
Overall, reasonably priced for the quality of food and free flow tea.

Proceeded to Xin Wang for some chatting and desserts!

The mountains of ice we ordered! Yummy licks!
All of us have yuanyang and this stupid drink made me lose my sleep!! I can only get to sleep at 6am!! WTF right?!

*Sigh. Next time don’t want order caffeinated drink at night liao.

We took some random funny shots …

Pei Ling tried to open her eyes bigger here cos we were complaining that the lightings made our eyes look small! LOL.

Anw, I bought this bag for only 10 bucks at FAR EAST?!
My budget best buy man!
Actually the bag is not that big; it’s just my small body in comparison.

Oh yes, thank you everybody who voted for me as the
SKIN79 BB cream queen of the week!
Because of your votes, I won!!!

Hehe. Very happy already!


4 thoughts on “My virgin dinner at Din Tai Fung

  1. Haha you all shld order the xiao Cai nxt time frm din tai Fung! It’s my fab dish of all time and I cAn eat two plates!!!

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