New Mentholatum Lipbalms Review

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The other day I was still fretting over my dry and cracky lips and I was so excited to know that  I was going to receive lipbalms from for reviewing at my blog!

And it was not just 1 or 2 lipbalms





5 Mentholatum lipbalms ALTOGETHER

wrapped nicely in bubble wrap and coming in the form of registered mail.
How meticulous and nice thesamplestore is seriously!

I was so spoilt for choices, I mean I only have one pair of lips, how to review them all ?!

There were the Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalms.

Ok I know. All these Japanese names are making your head dizzy. Like what the heck is Mogitate and Kajitsu?

In short, Mogitate = Fresh and Kajitsu = Fruits
So you roughly get it? It means FRESH FRUITS. FRUITY FLAVOURED LIPBALMS.

I was given Mogitate Strawberry, Mogitate Lemon&Lime and Mogitate Orange&Mango to try out.

So since I only have one pair of lips, I chose one based on my first instinct – the Mogitate Orange&Mango! Partly also because Orange is my favourite colour!!

AND it tasted …

These Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalms is made with Fresh Fruit Juice which contains essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the lips and body.

The orange one really smells like orange juice!! And it’s so fruity that I wana eat them up!

It also contains Honey that can help heals and renews the lips.

Yes. Regardless of the flavours, they all contain Squalane that help combat wrinkles, grape seed oil to mosturize your lips and they are  FULL OF ANTI-OXIDANTS like Vitamin A & E!!!

Somemore, they are retailing at only $5.90 each!!! WAHH So cheap for such great goodness seriously!

I tried and tested, they really help to moisturize my lips keeping them soft and supple. Yesterday I was running about the whole day without drinking much water, and surprisingly my lips didn’t crack and peel after using this. They are also not as sticky; I feel as if I didn’t apply anything on my lips. Oh and they leaves a very cool, menthol feeling on the lips!

If you are worried about irritants like fragrance and all and you want something even stronger because your lips are super super duper dry …. there are something else for you!

It’s the newly launched Mentholatum DEEP MOIST lipbalms!

Sometimes people are just not attracted to pretty fruity packagings and they like to go for this medicated and serious packaging kind cos they think serious looking = must be good.
Well, then this is for you.

They comes in two variants – Deep Moist Menthol and Deep Moist Natural.
Both are super moisturizing as they contain essential hydrating ingredients like
Hyluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil.

But for the Deep Moist Natural ,

There are no Fragrance!

They are slightly more expensive, about $7.90,
but at great value if you really need rich lipbalms.

Ok. By now, you must be damm confused already!
So many different lip balms, how to choose??
Let me help you to consolidate.

For Normal to Dry lips, use Mojitate Kajitsu
For Extremely Dry lips, use Deep Moist Menthol
For Extremely Dry and Sensitive lips, use Deep Moist Natural

I’m sure there’s something just for you!

Anw, I was told to submit a creative picture with the lipbalms for a contest
I’ve been thinking about it. Posing with the lipbalms aren’t creative enough.
Everybody is doing the same thing!!

So, guess what I did?!




Tadda!! Creative anot??!
I spent quite some time photoshopping this!!

If you like my creative review and this picture,
please vote for me at their Facebook Wall


(The picture will only be up on Friday)

Just “like” on their wall,
Search for my picture on their album and “like” my picture!


Oh, and here’s a special contest for my READERS

Grab the Mojitate Kajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms from any Watsons oulets,
share your experience on their facebook wall here
and stand to win attractive prizes!
3 winners will be selected!

Contest Period – 16 Aug to 17 Oct


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