Guide to becoming MY FAIR LADY

Whether you have yellow undertones like Jun or pinkish undertones like me, we all deserve to look fair and radiant. Only then, we will look healthier and happier.
Dull skins are nono. They are a sign of aging.

Many girls often wonder how do we get so fair, and most importantly so radiant!
I do not count myself as super fair, but definitely radiant and glowing!
Well, the truth is … there are no short cuts. It doesn’t happen overnight.
The amount of effort you put into your daily skincare regime can be shown on your face.

Today, I’m going to introduce you girls to Aqualabel’s very own Whitening Range!!
I’ve just attend Aqualabel’s Workshop and I’m gonna pass you all the techniques and knowledge I’ve learnt to you readers!!

So read on if you wana become MY FAIR LADY!

Look! All the Aqualabel products on the table for us to use! It’s like a mini makeup space for us! I’m really very excited over this!! If I do pass all the stages, my readers and friends might have a chance to do this again together with me! So *pray hard*.

Readers please show ur support by leaving some comments after the entry! Feels very lonely typing without some feedbacks.

There’s a mirror! Great for cam-whoring too! =x

Now. Let me introduce you the steps to become

I cannot emphasize more on the power of this Deep Clear Oil Cleansing.

Not only does it removes all my makeup, including waterproof ones, it also helps to unclog pores by thoroughly removing the sebum, exfoliates dead skin cells and excess melanin.
Also, my skin feels soft and supple, not tight at all after using!

Of course, I didn’t remove my eye makeup here. Imagine how scary it would be when all my mascaras and eyeliner smudges out.

Because we are doing it here, we have to use cotton wools cos no basin to wash our face.
But if you are going to do it at home, here’s the steps:
1. Pump 2-3 pumps of the oil over dry face and massage.
2. Emulsify it by adding a little water over your face then massage again.
3. Rinse off with water thoroughly.

Softener is just another name for toner. They both work the same way.
Use the White up Lotion to soften your skin.

This softener helps to target the root of spots and pigmentations. Also, it inhbits excessive melanin production and plumps up the skin instantly by providing moisture to it!

This is an intensive spots targeting essence that helps inhibits excessive melanin production and provides lots of moisture to the skin!! It also helps to recuperate the skin damage by UV exposure. Highly recommended to skincare rountine by NRWZD.
I am considering to get this after I finish my current whitening essence!

Add on the Moist Essence CL from the red range for extra collagen and hyaluronic acid!
This instantly plumps up the cheeks and gives you a biong biong” feel!

If you are looking to mimimise pores, try Moist Essence GG. (This is tempting me!)
and for fine lines, try Moist Essence HA.

How can we forget about doing Whitening mask?
This is an intensive whitening care mask that targets the root of pigmentations and spots. It also brightens the skin from within by removing dead skin cells and excess melanin.
The S-shaped cuts in mask has lifting effect to keep skin firm.

After doing this mask, my skin feels soft and smooth, and of course much fairer and hydrated!

I’m sure you girls are always pondering about the excess “goodness” left on your skin after peeling off the mask.

Here’s some massaging techniques to use with the left over serums!

It’s really very professionally done!
I can recall some of the similar steps used by my facialist. Now I can do it myself at home too!

My brighten and clean skin after doing the mask and massaging.
(of course, the fluorescent lightings doesn’t do justice lah! )

Oh and I have to remind you girlies to never exceed 10 mins for this mask.
Use 1 to 3 times a week for best result.

The next step is to moisturize using White Up Emulsion R.

With its Moist Aqua keeping base, the skin is replenished with sufficient amount of moisture while inhibiting excessive melanin production at the same time.

This is really light-weight and very easily absorbed by the skin.
As you can see from the picture, it is very watery!
Oily and combination skins are definitely suitable for this!

And skincare routine doesn’t just stop at moisturizing,
Here’s the last step.

What makes AQL so special is because they have introduced Aqua Enhancer WT for the last step of skin care regime. This powerful skincare helps to force essential ingredients into deep layers of your skin. Result? Your previous skincare ingredients will be effectively and maximally absorbed.

I’ve been using this star product for about 3 weeks and I like it because I felt that I’ve “closed and locked the doors” after applying so much skincare ingredients onto my face.
There’s a cooling feeling left on my skin and after it gets absorbed to skin, my skin feels baby soft and moist.

Things to note:
1. Do not use your hands, use cotton pads as the product performs inadequately when it gets in touch with your body temperature.
2. PAT not SWIPE! You don’t want to swipe away all the ingredients you’ve just applied on your face.

How many times must I repeat that theΒ  Sunblock is essential in everyone’s day time skin care regime??

Remember, the sun is evil. Do not ever go out without a layer of protection.

This white protect milk UV has an SPF30 PA++ and it leaves no white residue on your skin. It’s extremely light weight so you don’t feel the stickiness like other sunblocks.
No wonder this is something that most bloggers like!

Ok! This is the end of the skin care regime. You are now a FAIR LADY, how do we go about enhancing our beautiful clean fair face next?

The answer is MAKEUP!!!

Yes. AQL has their own makeup line!

Their White UP base looks yellow but it will totally blend into your skintone after you apply it on your skin.

It helps to correct dark spots, uneven colorations, dullness and help achieve luminious skin. Also it has SPF 25 PA+ !

This is a makeup product not skin care ok!

This moist coat essence helps to conceal your pores and keeps skin moisturized.
IMO, it works like ZA pore smoother except that it is smoother to blend and doesn’t leave any whitish peeling stuff on your skin.

Next, I tried their White Liquid Foundation in the shade PO10 which is for pink skintone.
The AQL ladies there helped me to test the shade on my jawline and ensure that I get the correct shade.
There are a total of 5 shades to choose from, ranging from natural to yellow to pink skintone. So there’s bound to be something just for you!

It is really easy to blend this foundation and helps to cover my dark eye circles and little acne scars effectively. Not oily and not very thick either!

After applying the foundation.
(Oh and they switched on the normal lights for us to apply foundation
Yeah no more ugly fluorescent lights!)

The colour suits my skintone perfectly!! It leaves a rather matte look on my skin.
I might consider getting this foundation on days when I need extra coverage!

The happy fair and radiant us after the skincare and makeup!!
Hui Jun’s eyes look bigger than mine here!

Thank you Aqualabel for this workshop!
I’ve learnt and enjoyed myself alot!

Here’s one picture to end the post with
before I remove my makeup and start everything all over again.

Oh and this is a new headband I got from F21 while shopping!


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