My first ever photoshoot experience

If you’ve followed me closely enough via twitter, you’d have known that I’m doing a photoshoot for a blogshop. Yes I know. So short how to be model right? I also think so.
Oh well, heels solved everything I guess?

But nonetheless, am glad to have a chance to do my FIRST PHOTOSHOOT!
Did this shoot together with another girl called Linda. She has been doing model shoots for other blogshops, so makes me even more nervous!! Everybody has experience except me!

But she’s a really nice girl. AND PRETTY TOO!
Come come ladies and gentlemen, FEAST YOUR EYES! ^^

She’s soooo pretty!! And her features are so sharp!!
Wo hen zi bei now.

Why god give me BIG eyes and HUGE NOSE?

Anw, the shoot was super fast! While Linda poses for the camera, I took the time to get changed and vice versa. And while shooting, I have to think of poses one after another like a pro! No time for me to stop there and think of what to pose and how to pose. Also, the photographer doesn’t tell me how to pose as well. So I’m pretty much ON MY OWN and I have to act like I’m a pro. I threw all the tricks my sister told me behind my head; what shoulders bend forward and one leg infront of the other and stuff, I forget and basically just pose the way I like!

I got much hang of it after the first dress and subsequently did better I guess?
Oh well, I hope the pictures will not turn out to be disastrous!
*Cross Fingers*

Here’s my simple eye makeup for the shoot:

I’m pretty much in love with this pair of fake lashes that looks so natural!


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