Kotex’s WOW blogger Party

Was glad to be invited by thesamplestore.sg to attend Kotex’s WOW blogger party
The theme of the party was Girly, Fun and Flirty. There were about 80 bloggers there and everyone there was just gorgeous!

I decided to go for the girly look, so I wore this maxi dress paired with basket bag and a pair of slippers wedges which I am totally in love with. I love maxi dresses! They make my legs look seemingly longer!! ^^

The party was held at Orchard Central’s Heaven’s Loft. It’s a cafe that sells pastries, cakes and stuff I guess. Just look at the amount of bloggers who were there!

Deebz, who was my ex-classmate were invited to this party too and I’m glad to have a little catch up with her! It’s been years since we last met and she looks so pretty now!

And I also got to know 2 other bloggers! Nice to know you girlies!

HA! The blogger’s name tag.

There were lots of pastries for the bloggers to indulge in! FREE of course!

Oh and we were also told to decorate our very own cupcakes!

My decorations. I think it sucks lor. Right? I don’t even dare to eat it!

Deebz’s decoration!

Guess what’s the WOW product that Kotex has launched?

It’s their KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin Design Pads!

Design Pads? Do I mean designs on the pad?
YES! I mean it!

The caption on the book reads: Our best pads are now the most beautiful.

Have you ever wonder why all the pads are white in colour?

Why can’t pads be more colourful and vibrant just like our lingerie?

Women have always been attracted to colours and designs; in a way it makes us feel happier when we could wear colours and designs even under our clothes. From the lip gloss we slick on our lips to the car we decide to buy as a young career woman, colour and design are indispensable factors behind our selections.

With Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads, pads are no longer just the boring white colour.
In fact there are a total of 6 designs to choose from!

Chio Max?!

Now bid goodbye to boring ugly pads, say hello to the fanciful and vibrant designs!!!
I’m sure this can make all women feel happy from within!

I must say Kotex IS very CREATIVE!

Let’s break the history of white pads with WOW vibrant fashionable pads instead!
(I’m not going post real pictures of the pads cos I think there are male readers around albeit if it’s just a small tiny amount of them!)

Here’s another fun part of the event:

We were invited outside the cafe for some drawings!

All of us were split into 6 big groups to complete a piece of art work.

Deebz and I were in the same group!

Each group was given a board to complete the colourings/drawings and these 6 boards formed a word WOW. The colourings are supposed to mimic Kotex’s New Colourful and Vibrant Designs.

I coloured this butterfly!!

My group’s end product.

My group and the 6 boards!

Glad to have Deebz together with me throughout this event!

I know pads are well…eventually still pads. Designs are second, the comfort still comes first.

So here’s giving you my honest review.

I’ve been using Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Pads (the original ones with no designs of course) and I must admit I was attracted to its black box packaging at first. See? Packaging is important. But after using it, I’m convinced that it is comparable to the widely used WXXXXXRS pads. I’m a fan of ultra thin pads because it makes me feel like I’m almost wearing nothing and despite being thin, the power of absorption is excellent. This helps to provide dryness and comfort to the skin, which is very important when ladies buy pads.

Besides the W…. pad, Kotex ones are the second next I used very often!

Now, the new Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads comes in unique reusable drawstring polybags! Great for bringing your pads out!

You can expect to find this new WOW pads in any leading supermarket chains from 13 September onwards!

Don’t forget to check out their facebook page here and their website here


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