Kelvin’s Makeup Book

While I was shopping alone in Kinokuniya, I picked up 2 books by Taiwan’s Famous Makeup Artist Kelvin. And I swear his creation of artworks are so perfect that I’m recommending this book to any beginner ladies out there who are learning to do makeup the proper way or to any professional ones who wants to up their skills to another level.

I’ve been observing Kelvin’s makeup skills in Taiwanese Variety Shows and to be frank, he is one of the better makeup artists I’ve seen so far. He is so meticulous in everything he does even up to the minor details out there. Oh I just realised the lady’s face behind him in one of the book cover is created using hundreds of other tiny pictures mosaic! How detail is he?!

And he’s so friendly and nice on shows. You know, most of the famous makeup artists I’ve seen in Singapore are stuck up and arrogant. And their makeup looks are so outdated. What’s with all the prom night makeup on makeover shows in Singapore? I want a MAKEOVER not MAKE OVER.

In these books, you can expect to see makeovers for 20 lucky ladies. And these ladies are not artists; they are just normal looking people who wants to look beautiful under Kelvin’s hands. There are even step by step guide for every look in the book so that you can do it yourself at home.

Look at how exaggerating his skills are!

From a common girl with common issues to …

A gorgeous lady who resembles Fan Bing Bing!

See how miraculous the transformation is?

Due to copyright issues, I’m not going to post the step by step guide here.
You’ll have to buy the books and find out yourself!

Of course, it’s in Chinese.
For non-Chinese and Chinese who can’t read traditional Chinese, I’m sorry then!

I think makeup is the best privilege a girl can get. You get to transform into another person without surgery and obviously look much much better and confident with makeup. I don’t understand why guys don’t like girls with makeup. Yes, too much spoils everything but a little makeup does help to enhance the features. What’s wrong with your girlfriend having longer lashes, sharper nose, flawless skin and smaller face shape? Don’t you feel proud when your girlfriend looks pretty in front of your friends and family? Who cares what your gf looks like behind close doors, as long as she’s pretty in the front!

Just Pui at all the being natural talks. Who says you can’t look natural with makeup? It’s all about the SKILLS, people!


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