I transformed my table again


I forgot to mention that I also got this green basket from Daiso!

I had a trip with my sister to BPP’s Daiso just now and gawd, we spent hours there?!
I’m not kidding.

And guess what? I transformed my table yet again. This time round into WHITE colour!
I think my room is too small for colours, so yup, white it will be!

I wana paint my walls also leh! And I saw desktops and laptops going cheap!! I WANT or rather NEED!!

Err…hahaha! Yes that’s pictures of me, my bestest friends and my family some thousand years back. My boyfriend is going to be jealous! Cos no pictures of him! HAHA!

Got a new mouse pad too.

Cute? ^-^

I think my room is so cute and fuzzy that I wana stay in here forever!! But first, clear those mess on the ground; all the press releases, goodies from events and my bags are all over the floor.

Seriously, Daiso you rock!


10 thoughts on “I transformed my table again

  1. hi, i rmb reading from one of your posts that u are using a makeup base which is gd for oil control. may i know what is it?? i have very oily skin too.

    1. Hi Fio, I don’t use any makeup base cos my sunblock act as a makeup base. I’m using Biore sunblock, the white colour one..very good for oil control IMO! U can try!

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