I want to win Liese Hair Dye for my sis

Saw the liese advertorial done up by Esther in her blog; she’s holding a contest for her readers to win Liese hair dye.

And I thought maybe I should try my luck to see if I could win any of the dyes, not for me, but for my little SISTER!

My sister has not have her hair re-dyed for the longest time ever and her black roots have already grown so much that it looks so horrible in real life!

As a student, she definitely does not have that extra cash to go for an expensive hair dye.
With liese, I know she can do it herself without any help yet achieve the professional’s standard.

The new formula is also said to be able to provide a smooth feeling on the hair, thus leaving the hair smooth and healthy!

My sister’s hair have always been very coarse and dry (don’t look like in pictures cos she just went for a cut and treatment), I hope the new formula can help my sister to regain healthy smooth hair!

I deserve to win simply because I love my sister!


8 thoughts on “I want to win Liese Hair Dye for my sis

  1. HI, may i know what type of products are good for pimples/acne? Cause it’s bugging me nowadays. Sorry, for askinq such random ques as i’m your new reader^^

    1. Hey there! No worries!! I am more than too glad to know who is reading my blog!
      You can try Vichy if you have sensitive skin?
      Otherwise, you can also give DHC a try…this is a relatively new brand that contains salicylic acid that is effective for pimples!
      I’m using their toner and I thought it is not bad!
      Oh and T3, Simple also have pimples care range, you can check them out!

      Hope this helps!

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