Aren’t you glad, honey?

I haven’t written any mushy stuffs for quite awhile (not that I always do that cos I can’t really stand too much mushiness openly) and I bet everybody’s wondering where did Prawn go to ?!

In fact, I haven’t been seeing Prawn for quite awhile due to his commitment towards protecting the nation against alien invasion! NDP and SYOG has been keeping him very busy and tied up. He’s on night shift every now and then, so that leaves us with little time together. I hope F1 race doesn’t involve him, if not … kua kua ….yeah. 😦

Still I’m glad I’m not the kind of sticky girlfriend who demands meet up every alternate days or so. Though sometimes, the emo me would want extra attention from him! Attention seeking ma me! But this doesn’t happens often.

Aren’t you glad honey?? :p

(ok this picture speaks LAME)
Still …

I do think of him every now and then, but I tried to keep myself occupied by doing random things I like. I mean, come’on, we girls should learn how to live without our boyfriends. We have a life before he came into the picture, isn’t it? :>

Silly Act No.1

Silly Act No.2

Silly Act No.3

But when we do come together. We have fun. We make sure we have fun! I love travelling to random places with him and it makes dating so much fun! So in case you are wondering where’s this beautiful place, it’s the Peranakan Museum!

I love the walls and the stairway there. It’s so beautiful.

And most importantly, it’s seeing him that matters. Not? Smiles coming deep down from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

It’s true.

It’s a kind of fuzzy feeling that comes within your heart and you wish time could just stop there.

Another point I like going out with him is that he can be my photographer!
I love photos because they can capture the most beautiful memories so vividly.
His photography skills + my photoshop skills=amazing! :p

Someday we should just venture into the city, bring some props and take pictures just using my compact camera ourselves. It would definitely help if I have a tripod. I don’t need expensive cameras to capture beautiful memories because the most expensive cameras in the world is capable of taking lousy photos too.

Love the wall colours; I want to make it the colour of my room!

My camera does take awesome pictures isn’t it?

And this is my favourite picture of the day!

Maybe here’s some some shots taken with the peranakan stuffs:

He likes this picture! =.= MEN!!!



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