Holidays are ending and room becoming beautiful

My 4 months of holidays are coming to an end soon.
This must have been one of the longest school holiday I ever have due to YOG. (exluding the one I had after poly graduation)

And I’m glad I had a fruitful holiday so much so that I didn’t think my days were wasted.
Here’s a quick recap of what I did throughout the holiday.

May – Busy with meeting old friends and attending gatherings
June – Taiwan trip
July – School Experience
August – Attended lots of blogging related events

Not only that, I also managed to read 2 books and gave my room a little makeover.

I got new bed sheets for my bed.
Now all that’s left is to fix this piece of wall by giving it new coat of paint and design! THINK STRIPES!
Oh and my bags need some proper storage space too.

I already have in mind the colour I want to give my room; have sourced for the codes too.
This time round, I shall make dreams happen even if it means I have to do it myself! My parents are not very supportive of re-painting cos they think it is a waste of money and energy.

Oh well….
I can’t convince myself to go without painting!

I added photoframes to the wall. MORE TO BE ADDED!

Anyway, I think making old and ugly furniture work is the greatest satisfaction you can get! D.I.Y is so much cheaper than just getting a new one.

Here’s my 13 year old table’s transformation ….






See how different your room can look like when the colour of your furniture is different?

I’m also thinking of adding a D.I.Y shelf above my table. Too much things!

And I covered my book shelf with a pretty cloth that I got from a super zen shop.
This can also act as a backdrop for cam-whoring! hahaha!

Open the cloth to reveal all my hidden books!

No more ugly wooden furniture that I don’t like.

From the other side of my room …

Oh the last cabinet that you see on the right of the picture is also D.I.Y by me.
The colour of the cabinet was in an awful shit colour initially and doesn’t match my revamped furniture at all!

I added white colour as part of the wardrobe so that it matches the theme of my room.

As you can see, my room is pretty small so I can’t do anything fanciful. I just want things to be simple, clean and sweet looking. Maybe I will change my curtains too!

Keeping the furniture in light pastel colour makes the room bigger, cleaner and brighter!
And no, I’m not a fan of PINK so please don’t ask me to paint my walls in PINK ok. ^^
My room totally looks different from the initial layout. And I’m happy with the results so far. Once I paint my room, I’ll show you the pictures again!


11 thoughts on “Holidays are ending and room becoming beautiful

  1. Nice =) You really put in so much effort! I can never do that! haha..i am a natually disorganised person! Teach me how to put music player nxt time! very nice:)

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