Communication is knowledge

I’m currently blogging using my new desktop.
This is the first time I ever got something above 1k myself.
And I carried it home myself? Am I power or what?
Goes to show that I’ve grown up already? 🙂

Guess it’s a tiring night for me.
A little headache after getting all the things setup. Not completely done yet.

In the eyes of many I may seem to be 我行我素 because I don’t give a damm to what the people around me feel. I do things just because I like it. I need no reasons or explanations to anybody, not even to my parents. I’ve learned to make decisions for myself at a young age; from choosing the friends I want to the schools and subjects I wana take up. Nobody can stop me even if they try to. My parents don’t do this and I don’t understand why other people should. When they do, I’d just rolled my eyes at them and move on to what I think I should be doing. I think that’s why people call me the stubborn headed one?  I don’t change my opinions just because you don’t like it. But I don’t know why; somehow this is affecting the people around me and I guess I have to make a change to it.

Every time I have a quarrel with Prawn about our clashing opinions, it makes me feel sad.
Not because I’m angry at him., (Maybe a little) but more importantly I always realise I’m too opinionated sometimes and why can’t I just control myself?

If only I had listen to him, take a deep breath and keep my tone a little down, things could have been easier. I knew I have to do this but I find myself getting defensive over my own viewpoints that I just can’t take in any words or advice.

I’m not proud to admit that I’ve a foul temper and anything can make or break my temper.
This explains why I practically snap at anyone who choose to step into my ring of fire. I don’t give in to make peace. I’m glad I have someone who can tolerate my bad temper and I’ve tried to keep my temper to the minimal always or things could get worse, isn’t it?

I do hope the people around me understand how I feel. It’s not that I don’t listen to views or opinions. But I just want people to take my own thinking and thoughts into consideration too.

So I think communication is a knowledge. If people can just be a little less straightforward in putting things across.

One of the possible way I could think of when putting suggestions is using this line:
I think you might have made the right choice. Maybe for the next time you can try this …

Is this better than just saying
I think there are better choices out there; why you choose this? walaueh.

Is that ….a little too much?

P/S to prawn: If you are reading this, I hope you know I’m not harping over the issue. I’m just saying in general. I will learn how to be less opinionated next time! PROMISE.


4 thoughts on “Communication is knowledge

  1. I understand you girl:)
    I’m opinionated and stubborn headed too!
    It’s really not easy to give up these traits of ours because it’s already part of our personality. At least you’ve got someone to teach you and accept don’t worry…you can curb that temper of yours, I’m sure!

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