How to keep Acne at bay

A few friends and readers have been asking me about how to let acne disappear.
I too, have the same concern with many of you girls. Even though my face has cleared so much, there’s still time when my face would experience breakout.

So how to treat acne?

Unfortunately, I have to tell you I have not used any range of acne treating products before. And I do not possess any magical powers to heal your face. But I do know acne can just disappear even without using these products. Sometimes, it’s the little actions we do everyday that caused pimples!


Keep your hair off your face. Use bobby pins, clips, hairband or whatever to keep them off your forehead and cheeks. Your hair contains oil and will cause pimples on your face if you don’t keep them off.

Rule 2

Do not cover your face with pillows when sleeping. Can you imagine how much dust and germs your pillow contains? Unless you tell me you change your pillow cases everyday.
If not, as a matter of rule, don’t let anything or anyone touches your face.

Rule 3

Blot your face to keep oil at bay all times. But I will not recommend using oil blotter paper more than twice a day because it strips off your natural moisture and in terms, more oil will be produced. Use tissue papers if you would. It’s a
cheaper alternative as well!

Rule 4

Wash your makeup tools regularly. I want you girls to break the myth of “Makeup harms the skin”. In actual fact, makeup products nowadays does not harm the skin and might even contain skincare properties to heal your face. Makeup only harms the skin when you do not remove them properly and become too lazy to clean your brushes.

These are some of the least expensive steps that you can do to help keep blemishes out at bay. Of course, if you have a little money to spare, acne treating products or oral medication does help to treat the existing pimples or blemishes.

Always lookout for non-comodogenic sign on your skincare products because it simply means no clogging of pores.

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Here are some brands I would recommend you girls to check it out:
The Body Shop – Tea Tree Oil
Vichy Normaderm
Acnes 3 Steps Kit
DHC Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment

*I’m not affiliated to them in anyways and effect varies from individuals.
I would strongly recommend you to go to your dermatologist for more advice.

Product Review

I’ve been using DHC Salicylic Acne Toner for quite awhile and also during my 14 days face diet. This is the first time I spent a bomb on a toner. But somehow the effect of this toner differs from the cheaper alternatives.

Before I go on and on about this toner, let me just tell you the benefit of Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid is normally used to treat blemishes. It prevents the skin from getting clogged up and infected with bacteria. It aids in the exfoliation process and helps to break down black and white heads as well as other type of acnes.

Sounds good?

This DHC toner contains 2% of Salicylic Acid and most importantly it does not contain alcohol.

When I first used it, I was afraid that this toner might be too drying for the skin since it’s for the treating of acne. But fortunately, it did not sting or cause my skin to feel tight after using. This is the closest ideal toner that I can get for treating of acne yet not contain alcohol to dry up my skin.

It produces a medicated smell which I’m not very sure if everyone can take it or not. I personally likes the medicated smell; it gives me a feeling of oh, this product is working!

I find that it really helps in unclogging of pores and the exfoliation of dead skin cells. We all know that using the Ginvera marvel gel will turn the dead skin cells/black head into flaky white residues. Generally the lesser flaky residues means your face is cleaner. After using it for awhile, I noticed that when I rubbed the gel onto my skin. there’s little flaky residues!

My review is it works!

HOWEVER, if you are allergic to Salicylic Acid, please refrain from using this or you might end up with rashes.

Hopefully you girls can stay blemish-free too!


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