OMY Love Cut movie preview

Sponsored Movie Review

OMY gave me 2 tickets to be there for LOVE CUT preview.

I’ve always wanted to be there for OMY’s movies preview invitations but the timing always clashes with my schedule, so I’m glad I was able to make it for this movie.

And I brought Prawn along to this movie preview!!!
(This picture looks like we are at somewhere else instead of GV!)

It’s been long since we last had popcorn in theatres! I guess since we don’t have to pay for the movie, we could pamper ourselves with the overpriced popcorns!

My favourite actress of all time, ZOE TAY, was the leading role in the movie.

Ok. I’m gonna be totally truthful for this review.

She was a seamstress and married her husband (Kenny Ho) who was from Hong Kong.
She also had 2 children who were in primary and secondary school respectively.

In the eyes of many, she had a what seemed to be like a blissful marriage until she found out that she had breast cancer at the forth stage already.

This movie talks about how she coped with her cancer and how her family supported her through the difficult times.

I’m someone who loves family-oriented movies/drama more than romance movies, so love cut caught my eye when I saw the thriller. It is not just about females getting breast cancer and fighting against it. It is also about the love and companionship your love ones can do when you are down with sickness.

There are certain scenes that caused me to tear!
Super sad just looking at Zoe Tay turned from a healthy lady to someone who was so sick and looks really pale! Her eyebrows and hair dropped because of the chemo.
YET she could appear to be so strong and happy in front of her family.

There was a phrase/idea in the show that goes like this:
Being sick does not only concern you yourself; it concern your family and the love ones around you. Your family is as depressing as you are; and they probably wouldn’t know how to talk to you and what to do. So be strong so that they can be with you to help you conquer the difficult times.

I find that the idea of getting cancer and all is quite “health promotion board” (A little like typical storyline. And like pls go for regular health checkups or you might have a tragic ending!) but oh well, there’s always a message to bring across in a movie.

The script writers shared their writing process with us.

Yes and you spot Danny Yeo! πŸ™‚
I miss his lessons!

I think the script was good because it was really realistic and very 催人ζ³ͺδΈ‹ but the directing could improve. Obviously veteran actors and actresses have no problem conveying the feelings and emotion in the show. And honestly they were really good. But there are still certain parts in the show that are lacking of something, some sort of explanation perhaps.

Movies are afterall movies. I don’t really like the fact that some scenes were portrayed as if it was a stage play. I mean ya, they were different and refreshing but not for me.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that there were lots of cantonese conversations in it.
Something different from most of the Singapore movies we have that speaks mostly hokkien. And I love it!

Overall, I would like to think that this is actually a movie that’s worth watching!
So if you are interested, do buy tickets to support local movies from Sep 9 onwards!



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