Important tools in makeup

Today I’m gonna talk about the IMPORTANT TOOLS behind every piece of art work. In this case, art work refers to makeup.

I’m no expert when it comes to painting the face, but I definitely know we need brushes in order to paint. Sometimes free hand works but you got to understand that you can’t draw with free hand always.

And I know investing in too much brushes are simply too expensive if we don’t use them.

So what kind of brushes are essential in MY makeup box?

The Kabuki Brush

This is good for applying powder on the face; such as loose powder or mineral foundation.
I always use this for my loose powder application instead of the sponge provided. This is because using the kabuki brush allows me to just pick the right amount of powder needed on my face so that I won’t over apply. Also, I can just swept the excess off easily with the brush.

The angled brush

This is good for drawing thin lines as the brush tip is angled and flat. I always use this to draw my brows, sometimes liner, and apply eyeshadow on my lower lid.

The blending brush

I do not own this yet but I will soon. This is good for blending eyeshadow all over the crease and it’s so easy to use!

Angled blush brush

This is good for applying powdered blusher on your cheeks. I find that the size of the brush is just nice for my cheeks; not too huge or too small. But I’m not using this anymore since I’m using tint blusher all the time now.

Lip Brush

If you’ve got the time to spare, do line your lips before applying your lipstick.
Also, sometimes lipstick can’t reach out to every corner of our lips, that’s when a lip brush is needed! For precise applying of lipstick, a lip brush is always helpful.

The stippling brush
If you do use liquid foundation, you can invest in a stippling brush. You will save alot of time blending the foundation onto your face with this brush.

You don’t need to be an expert to use brushes.
But if you are one who loves doing makeup, you definitely need to get a few essential brushes so that you can give yourself that perfect painting!


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