A new shopping paradise!!


To be frank, I seriously haven’t been shopping at THE HEEREN for quite awhile!
I don’t even know there’s a new shopping paradise there called ALT which has 3 levels!!

Have you been there yet?

Was invited to their ALT party for complimentary massages, free flow food and drinks, and also many samples to take home!

1st level sells higher-end brands of cosmetics and perfumes.
2nd level sells lingierie

3rd level which is also my FAVOURITE LEVEL has alot of drugstore cosmetics, skincare products and many other cute miscellaneous stuffs.

I shopped for an hour or so at the third level?
Can you imagine?!
Seriously, you should go there and check it out!

The shop was closed just for the media! And there were also attractive discounts and offers going on that night.

Of course this beauty junkie me can’t miss out the good offers!
Here are my hauls and samples for the night!

Everything I got!

So cute right?!

I was choosing the eyelashes and I eyed on 2 types of lashes.
I couldn’t make up my mind so I asked the promoter there for advice.

Me: Which one is more natural for everyday use?
Promoter: *Stares at my lashes* Your lashes are so beautiful! Why do you still need falsies that are for everyday use?
Me: err… (I seriously don’t know how to answer this question)

Oh and I also overheard a couple’s conversation there.
Guy: Don’t understand why some girls put these super fake thick lashes. Look like they got hairy eyes.

ROFL seriously!
This is also the main reason why I don’t like dramatic lashes.

My sculpting lotion is finishing soon. I hope this one works great! It says no stickiness or stiffness! It’d better be good.

My new waterproof liquid eyeliner.

All the samples I got that night. Mostly BB creams! Woohoo!

By now, I look very tired as you can see. I have tiring and mental-torturing lessons for 4 modules that day before I go for this party!

Even though I look so chui that night, the same promoter still say I can go become a model! HAHAHA. I don’t know why she said that but it’s good to have compliments though!

Remember to head down to ALT at THE HEEREN next time you are in town! 🙂

P/S: I’ve got a few skincare reviews coming up soon. Any items up there that you’d like me to do a review on also?

P/S/S: I’m now down with cough/sore throat and swollen right eye. Sucks to be me now.


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