Do you find faults in people?

How often do you find yourself finding faults in other people?


how often do you find yourself putting people down (just to make yourself feel better) when they are obviously far better than you?

If you are one such person, then I’d suggest you to read the following story that I’m about to say.

I was about fourteen and still in secondary school when I topped the English paper for the first time. My Chinese has always been better than my English, so it came as a surprise to most people that I could actually topped the class?

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it myself either.
It’s either the teacher had made a mistake or that my English has improved tremendously.

We had P.E lessons the next day and our P.E teacher asked about our English papers out of curiosity. There was a kuku in class who actually shouted this statement right across the field:






Vivian was the last in class.




Either he was a childish moron who has the mind of a primary six and was just trying to be funny or that he was just plain jealous of my results. But obviously, neither of the reasons were acceptable.

How would I be able to take this lying down? I feel so wronged!
The worst kind of feeling that I could ever get in my life is the feeling of ACCUSATION.
Throughout my 21 years of living, I’ve been accused by plenty of people!!!


If you don’t know about the whole situation, don’t anyhow point your bloody fingers at me ok?
And if you don’t have the courage to find things out from me, don’t anyhow spread the words. I don’t understand how people can be so evil at times.

Even though my English wasn’t good, at least I tried my best to get the results. You know what I always do for my compositions?! I spent time memorizing phrases! At least, I do not stoop to the lows such as copying to get to where I am!

How can this idiot malign me in front of a teacher?

I swear I was about to flare up and correct his statement.
But this time round, I was glad that I do not have to do it myself.



My P.E teacher shouted back at him:

Are you able to help Vivian improve her English? If you can’t do anything to help her, then you have no rights to comment about her results.

Wahhh….I swear for the first time I think he was super charming and handsome!
I kept my cool even though I really have the urge to just tell the teacher how well I’ve done!

And his words do make sense. Isn’t it? Before you even make stupid comments about a person, think

1) Are you really better than her/him?
2) Can you help him/her by providing real good suggestions?

Nobody is perfect.
So why should I?

Why can’t people just take things with a pinch of salt at times?
Why should they be so hard on me?

Walao, her English is bad. She makes alot of grammer mistakes. She is so short. She has big nose. BLA!


The next time you want to correct a person, do it nicely and provide suggestions.
Or else, STFU and look into the mirror closely. I’m sure you are nowhere better.


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