How can you miss this out?

If you ask me what’s my best feature, I’d say it’s my eyes.
I’m lucky cos I’m blessed with rather pretty thick double eyelids and I have quite long lashes that further accentuate my eyes.

Of course, the eye makeup help alot but it doesn’t just stop at eyeliner, eyeshadows and mascara!

Guess what’s the next important step if you want your eyes to talk??

It’s the EYEBROW!!

Many girls actually don’t see the importance of having nicely trimmed eyebrows.

The truth is a good pair of eyebrows can make your eyes look beautiful!
If you see the need to trim your hair, then there’s a need to trim your brows!

Image from Browhaus

The eyebrows are like hairstyles for the eyes.

There are many ways to trim your brows; plucking, threading and waxing.
Find your perfect method and try your best to maintain them.

If you can’t find the time to go to a beautician, learn to TRIM IT YOURSELF.
It’s not too difficult esp when information are so readily available on the net nowadays.
I trim my brows monthly myself if I’m not going to the facialist. Otherwise, they will do it for me.

Here’s how the perfect brow shape should be like:

1. The start of your brow should be in line with the start of your eye.
2. The highest peak of your brow should be in line with your pupil and your nose.
3. The end of your brow should be in line with the end of your eyes and your nose.

Pluck any stray hairs that are out of the right brow shape. Trim it with a pair of brows scissors if your brows are too long.
Of course, whether you want them thick or thin, that’s up to your personal preference.

Personally, I find that thick brows work for me since I’ve chubby face. Thicker brows make the face look smaller.

And if you observe my brows closely, my brows are sparse from the middle towards the end! And my eyebrow doesn’t start at the correct point! That’s when I need my eyebrow pencil!

Recently I just got this eyebrow pencil from Watsons!
But shit! I forgot what brand was it!

The packaging don’t look trustworthy but it cost me near $20!!
The special thing about this is it’s a liquid and pencil brow liner; 2 in 1.

The liquid side

The pencil side

Here’s how the colours look like on my hand.
First stroke: Liquid
Second stroke: Pencil

The colours are not very dark right?!
Don’t have to worry about turning into la bi xiao xin in just one stroke.
It’s the perfect colour for me!

I like to use the liquid side for my sparse area so that they can become more define and the pencil side to fill up any gaps in between.

I’ve always been relying on brown eyeshadows for my eyebrow until I got this recently, and boy am I sold!
I didn’t think this would work so well for my brows!
And they stay on for the whole day!!

No more missing brows from now on!

Drawing the brows have become so important to me since my fringe is getting longer and I’ve to pin them up most of the time!

I find that I’ve been receiving good luck ever since I grew my fringe out. So I shall not cut them for the time being until I get sick of it.

Oh Yes, do check out Hui Jun’s Cleo Beauty Blog here for the latest Loreal eyeshadows and eye liners product review!!


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