I have sexy voice. :p

Here’s a question:



The face, actions and voice of a person ….

Do they always come in a package?




Can you have an angelic face but behaves and sound like a man at the same time?


Is it ok to look like a butch but be gentle and sweet at the same time?

Like how girls who have 娃娃音 should look like 蝴蝶姐姐, or at least dress like her;
cute feminine, sweet and has a baby face.

And they are often short, petite and loves Pink.
That’s 摇摇 btw, if you don’t already know.

And if you happen to look cute, but has a deep sexy and low voice,
you’d at least somehow resemble …


Has pixie crop, funny, charming and sometimes even handsome can be used to describe her.

Or maybe, you are just a man in disguise.


There’s something wrong with your vocal cord.

Somehow, everyone expect a cute looking girl to sound sweet and a tom boy to sound like a man. That’s everyone’s expectations. It bothers them when their voice and face doesn’t match at all!

It is inevitable that people felt that I should have a sweet voice.
Cos I’m cute and petite.
(FML. This is definitely not a compliment!)

You are cute because you are just not pretty enough
but at the same time, nowhere near ugly.
And you are petite because you are short!

Since young, I’ve thousand of people commenting about how my face doesn’t match my voice.

I have people telling me that they cannot link my face to my voice on the phone.
I have my boyfriend telling me how he felt like my voice sounds OFF-SYNCHRONIZE!
You know like … 配音出了问题?!

I can sound calm, angry and serious, but never excited or afraid!

That’s because I can barely scream! SERIOUS!
Most girls scream; some at the top of the lungs and at their highest pitch.


If I scream, my voice sounds low low low low low …and it’s not appealing at all!

So what I do?
I don’t scream or try my best not to!

I’ve tried taking roller coaster rides without screaming out loud.

And I hate it when people try to scare me by suddenly appearing in front of me and shouts BOO!
Cos I can’t suppress my emotions and I will just scream out loud

AND LOW. =.=

I don’t know how to sound excited as well.
To sound excited, I have to up my pitch level which is quite a daunting task to me.

So when I speak normally, people think I’m not interested or felt like I must have had a bad day previously.

I can hit notes as low as Ella’s but I can’t hit Hebe’s highest pitch.

I’m best at sounding angry or pissed because my voice can convey the emotion.
Which is why I did well in portraying the angry, violent role in my last theatre play.

It will be very challenging if I have to act as a 小女人 instead.
I mean, who can stand??
Hair stand only!
(Pun intended)

But most of the time, I’m glad I sound like this.

It’s not that bad if you think about it.

I do not have any physical attributes to show the calm side of me.
I’m not exactly xiao mei mei lah!

At least I can show people that I can be very fierce through my voice  if I want to,
so don’t ever try me.
Something which I really need it when handling the kids in the future.

And you’ll just get used to my voice in time to come.


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