The Night Time Toothpaste

Sponsored Review

As most friends know, I’ve been having problems with my tooth/gums lately.
I’ve not been to a dentist since Primary School. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

I’m 21 this year. So you can go count how many years ago that was!

It was only until I had my first toothache that I decided that yes, it’s probably time to face the dentist again. I hate going to the dentist because they give nothing but scoldings about my bad oral hygiene. So I had to fill up a tooth and everything was okay thereafter!

BUT just recently, my gums swelled all of a sudden! I don’t know if heatiness was the cause or my wisdom tooth was growing out. All I know was my gums hurt a lot when I eat. I can’t speak properly either! And, it got me really panicky! I didn’t want to go back to a dentist that fast, neither do I want to live with my swollen gums. Luckily the gums recovered after popping some medicine for swelling given by my mum.

NOW! That’s when I realise the importance of good oral hygiene.

Lucky me, I was one of the ten bloggers who were sponspored Dentise Plus White Toothpaste for reviewing by !

Its a NIGHT TIME toothpaste which is clinically proven to inhibit the growth of night time bacteria that is one of the major causes for bad morning breath and other oral dieases such as tooth decay and bleeding gum.




Just imagine if you have teeth that decay until like this:

Do you still dare to open your mouth and talk?



They say morning kisses are sweet.

But not when you or your partner has BAD BAD BAD MORNING BREATH!

Don’t lie.
Everyone faces the problem of bad morning breath.

WORSE! IF you are a smoker!



Or if you have a serious case of caffeine addiction!



Those who have stressful jobs and are constantly on the go are also recommended to use this toothpaste! Same goes to pregnant, diabetics, and patients with respiratory problems.



I’ve tried them for days and honestly, I like it! I like how it foams up in my mouth (some S toothpaste just don’t foams up!) and I like the minty taste that lingers around even after brushing. I also find that I wake up with fresher breath after using it.

And good for me, it contains Vitamin C that can heal wounds for healthier gums!

Try it if you want fresh breath and healthy, sparkling clean teeth!!

Here’s YOUR chance.
Complete a survey and get a free Dentise Travel Size Sample for free!

Read more about it here


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