Super natural fake lashes

Remember this falsies which I’ve purchased recently??

I’ve finally used them during my photoshoot with ILBR.



And god…they are so so so natural and comfortable that I don’t feel like wearing anything!

*Pardon my messy bed; bed is always messy when I’m finding what to wear. lol. And in the end, I wore tee-shirt. =.=

Very natural right?! You can’t even spot the lashes from far lah!
But it’s THERE and it makes a difference definitely.


Here’s a closeup:

Didn’t put it properly for the left eye but it’s ok…just focus on the very natural lashes!

I think I can even wear it to school!

Oh and I tried new eye-shadow technique.

I love this pair of lashes! Gonna clean and store them properly after each use!

And I love how my skin glows that day!
(P/S: My hair is dry like grass seriously! I’m glad I’m sponsored Essential hair care products and I will be reviewing them soon! Look out for it!)

And I’m happy in my own skin; so here’s a picture of me without any eye makeup. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Super natural fake lashes

  1. The lashes look becoming on you. You must have long natural lashes because they only make a difference when viewed up close and personal.
    Love your eyes. I find you beautiful precisely because you’re au naturel. Our world needs more ladies like you instead of cookie cutter products from plastic surgeons’ clinics. ;-P

    1. Thank you so much Ivy!!! hehe. Have you seen me before? I guess partly because my lashes curls up easily when using the curler. hehe! =D

  2. Nope. I haven’t seen you before. I chanced upon your blog, then I caught you on Channel U’s media event for “Personal Taste”. You’re both photogenic and telegenic. I guess in real life, you’re gorgeous too. You mentioned about how your voice and face doesn’t match. Actually, you sound great. Has anyone heard of a news anchor with high-pitched voice? No. That’s because adults don’t comprehend information well when delivered in a ‘wawa pitch’. =P

    1. Oh…hahaha! Thank you Ivy!!! I think my face look fat on the TV leh seriously. LOL. My sis says my face ballooned 1.5 times on the screen. HAHA>
      Woo..thanks for ur compliment about my voice! ha! that’s indeed the first! You are super encouraging! Thanks again! :>

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