Taking a stroll into the garden

Taking a breather out of my stressful workload, so I decided that by hook or by crook I have to head out with Prawn today!!
Life ….. must relax a bit lah, seriously!

So we headed to Chinese garden/Japanese garden for a stroll….

Climbed up 7 floors just to see this view.

My boyfie who spank my butt many times today because I was really lazy to climb the stairs and climb the overhead bridge. LOL.

Good way to make the face appear slimmer by covering part of it. HAHAHA.Ā  You can learn this trick from me, but pls quote (Chua, 2010). LOL.

Just kidding!

Happy is when I get to TAKE A BREAK!!
Tired of rushing deadlines; but that’s what made up my life for now. =/

Oh and I love this cropped top! Got this from ilovebeingreal.

Us acting retarded under the sun.


Alright, needa get back to work again soon!!
I hope to finish my AQL’s ppt tonight and start planning my second essay!!


12 thoughts on “Taking a stroll into the garden

  1. haha,vv ur citation(Chua,2010) is real funny huh.muz be do too much of AED alady.ur idea is nt bad hol,next time can try covering part of the face.LOL.Jia You for the never-ending deadlines!:)

  2. hey looking great! do u mind if i use ur pics on my personal blog n blogshop itself? but will credit u la : ) do let me know.. if not convenient its ok too!

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