My Hairy Confession

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I’ve always been doing alot on Skincare and Makeup review;  did it ever cross your mind why am I not doing any hair care reviews?!

The reason is simple …

Now. I have a confession to make ….(Even if you girls have already noticed it)



Yes … and that is I have a head of lion poof hair that is


You see, I do think that I have fairly good complexion to talk about skincare products and I make-up often, so it’s reasonable for me to talk about makeup. But hair? With a head like this, can I even convince anyone to buy the products I used??!

Sometimes I’m soooo irritated with my hair that I just feel like CUTTING EVERY INCH OFF!

But meh, I took such a long time to shake off the “short hair” look. How can I give my tresses up for people to do extension?!

Ok. sorry, I think nobody wants my hair to do extension also lor..

If this isn’t worse, I don’t know what’s worse enough ..

Hi 5 to people who are on the same boat as me…


And it doesn’t help that I frequent the salon often to get a new dye or a new perm.

I seriously NEED to REPAIR the last 15 cm of my hair!!!




There is the Rich Premier series targeting
damaged hair for it to be smooth and manageable

I hate to say this; but its for people like me!

They have everything you need; from shampoo to conditioner to treatment to mask and even to ESSENCE for that extra care!!!



However … if you belong to the limp and fine hair group, you can try this:

The Naunce Airy Series!
It is for people who would like to achieve light & bouncy hair!
Again, they have everything you need !

Anw … the basic Essential products should be of no strangers to all of you since there are many bloggers blogging about it!

I know you girls want new things!!!

AND therefore, here’s introducing their latest secret weapon:




This is an intensive leave-on treatment that are enriched with shine-enhancing ingredients – High Purity Honey Oil and Ultra Shine Essence to instantly repair dry and damaged hair.

It is very light-weight and non-sticky; so you don’t have to worry about weighing your hair down!!

Smooth any of the essence you like onto the last 15cm of your hair and then twirl it around with your fingers so that your hair can stay in place!

That’s it!! It’s such a breeze!

This is the first time trying out their essence and I already see some magical effect!!
It helps to tame my frizzy hair, leaving it to be softer and more manageable!

I want nice and chio hair !!!

I know the picture not very clear! But don’t kan cheong, this is not the final one!

After seeing how magical it works for my hair, I then decided to use the full set of products including the mask for the BEST RESULT!!
I left the mask on for half an hour instead of 5 mins though. :p








Wait. I know you want to scroll up and compare it with the pictures above!
I’ve made things easier for you!



Here’s a side by side collage:

Look at this MAJOR difference with just ONE TIME USAGE!!

My hair clearly becomes smoother and more manageable!!
I can comb through my hair without any problem!!

P/S: I’ve not used any sculpting lotion to keep my curls together!
Therefore there’s a little flyaway. Perm hair is very high maintenance one!
Even with my sculpting lotion used on the before picture, it is still so much more damaged than the one without!

Boy, am I amazed by Essential.

Now, I feel so much happier with my lovely hair!

(And this hairband very difficult to put on!)

I love my hair! They look so shiny!!

Would you like to play with my hair? ^^

I love both their essence !!!

Hurray!! Now I can be a hair blogger too!


P/S: My before & after picture will be uploaded on their facebook page on 5 oct.
Please help to vote!! Just “like” my picture!!

Also, 20 voters will be selected randomly and awarded 1 Essential Hair Essence
(voters get to choose choice of hair essence)

Get to enjoy lots of free giveaways!! They are really generous!


10 thoughts on “My Hairy Confession

  1. You look gorgeous! And now, with great hair, you’re a perfect 10.
    I know my question sounds out of place but I have been searching for a hair band like the one you’re wearing. Saw some in shops but it’s not of this nice floral type.
    Can you share with me where you got it from? Thanks!

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