Emo Nemo


Just wana share some pictures taken from the photoshoot …

These days my life is all about school and blogging. I hardly have time for anything else; even if I do, I’d rather spend the time lazying around in the comfort of my house, surfing the net, watching the TV or simply just sleep my time off. Other than the time spent in school with my classmates, I’ve not exactly meet up with any of my other friends except Hong who came to my house for some makeup crash course. haha. I tried to keep in contact with some of them through their Twitter or FB status, but I’m beginning to think that it is useless. Not all of them uses these applications frequently and I’m sad because I felt like I’m out of their life? I tried sending SMS-ES to M to catch up, but sadly, M didn’t reply my sms. There are many other circumstances in which I feel that I’m not exactly needed in anybody’s life.

I’m an emotionally deprived fucktard now.
Is it really true that they will be there whenever I need them?

I don’t think so.

I’ve just come to realise that the friends whom I refer to as Best Friends are no longer worthy of that definition. We no longer share our woes and happiness together. We no longer do the things we used to do together. We don’t even understand each other anymore. Isn’t this pathetic?

There are so many people whom I really miss …
But do they feel the same?

Anw, I’m alright! Don’t have to console me! haha.
It’s just one of those days when you have to think so much.


6 thoughts on “Emo Nemo

  1. There are friends who come and go.
    You just need to realise that they got their own busy lives to lead, just like you.

    Or maybe they just cannot multi-task la! Haha.

    Sometimes I text M but she also don’t reply one lor. Very angry because I need to get something from her and she don’t reply when she promised.

  2. You look so cute in the photo shoot photos! 🙂

    Takes a lot of effort to maintain friendships….
    I do feel the same way as you do sometimes…
    Try our best and put in loads of effort and those who are worth it but if they are not, we should move on! cheers! heh!

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