My recent fav looks

I think fashion is a personal statement. It does not reflect how good you are in your dressing, but rather the type of x factor you exude …

Haven’t been sharing some of my favourite looks but thank god for tumblr, I get to store my favourite looks there! :>

I have yet to get myself a blazer because I cannot forsee myself wearing this in Singapore’s hot summer weather. If only there’s autumn … But then again, I’ll definitely not be able to don on a short dress on the autumn. So hmm…there’s always 2 sides of a string ..

This is awesome. Colour splash and a bit of vintage feel there.
I have a thing for colours.

This is the best kind of outfit I’d wear on a lazy school day.
Can’t wait to get my hands on my newly purchased studded shorts soon!

I have nothing bad to say about this look because she’s wearing my favourite
I really like the idea of tucking my blouse into my pants. And I’ve been doing it more than ever so frequently!

And as for me, there’s nth much about my outfits recently
except that I’m a chanel whore now.
hahaha. Kidding.

P/S: I’m in love with the song playing on my blog. It makes me happy instantly! 🙂


4 thoughts on “My recent fav looks

    1. hehe thanks clara! Actually its quite tough to find a good blazer fit for my size cos I have really small shoulders! Yah and its really hot!

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